Signing off at Wattisham

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ghostbuster, Dec 9, 2002.

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  1. I've heard rumours, but why are so many people signing off in 3 and 4 Regt???  Is it that bad? ???
  2. Confucias say,' Beware the one they call sniff test man'.

    Ghosty are you fishing mate?

    Surely you must be able to give a couple of Corp mates a ring and get the inside knowledge on what's going on at Watt a Shame?

  3. I've spoken to a few comrades there, and they seem to enjoy it...............or are they lying like a Naafi watch, or a MCM Div officer.  :-/
  4. Last Year I was a full-screw sweeping a hangar and this year I want to sweep the same hangar but cannot as there are no brooms.....that's why. ;D
  5. LOL Passion fish

    nothing changes then
  6. Oh how I miss pushing my broom around the HAS, nothing I have done in civvy street has come even close to the exhilaration of knowing that many brave crab types had swept the very same floor before me.

    Or wondering if you could just get through the gap in those big fcuking doors as they were closing.

    I wish I was back there :p
  7. Cant remember whose head got caught in the hangar doors as they shut at Dishforth 92/3

    Funny I nearly had a stroke from laughing that hard cannot remember who though
  8. Almost as funny as the poor groundie who was trying to shut the HAS doors but was wondering why they would only go so far before stopping.......when he went outside to check the HAS doors he remembered that he had parked his Escort in between them. His escort was slightly narrower now than it should have been.!!!! ;D
  9. Not as funny as the guy that got run over by the tractor he had just parked up on the pan at wetmold. Russ Hewitt as i remember. The reason there are no broom sticks left in Wattisham is due to the fact that they are all in Guterslog, being used by the remes in the BBC, they ran out off pool cues for there "special" games.
  10. I remember that....he left it in gear, the handbrake was u/s and it went over the top of him followed by the A-frame.....whilst he lay crushed on the floor a young phil Bartle never let go of the gazelle tail they'd just unhitched....even as the free running tractor broadsided a parked gazelle at the other end of the hangar........laugh....I nearly sh*t
  11. Mr bigglesworth thats a bit cheeky lol but neverthe less true there still tryin to find the pool cue tip i here. wot ever happened to initiations
  12. only funny thing with hanger doors was Stu Glo***p in 5 regt early 90s was heard to say ill fit through there as they were slammin shut our survey said eh errrrrrrrrrrrrr laugh i nearly got the beers  in
  13. :-[They are still there, you just have to cue up!!!!!