signing off and notice to leave

hi, if i decide to sign off now due to an employment opportunity in civi street then does the years notice apply, ive heard of people leaving within months of signing off and wandered where i stand with this. any assisstance with this would be great
It is a long time ago now (12 years), but when I got out I was allowed to go two months early because I had a start date with the Old Bill.
I seem to remember though that this was in lieu of resettlement, which I couldn't have because I was deployed.
Would probably also depend how long you've served.
i have done 4 1/2 years. i have no grievance with the army i just wish to settle in the uk buy a house and get my family settled in one place. ASAP
You can apply for early termination if you have an offer of civilian employment. Prove of said employment must be produced, your request will then be prossessed through the CoC.
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