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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chedder, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. Hay, I just need some advice on signing off. I have been in the army since aug 2010 and am I able to sign off in aug this year as it will be my 3 year point and by time I do my 12 months it will be 4 years! I'm curious if I can sign off earlier and get early release? The reason I want to leave is due to family reasons.

    Any advice would be great thanks
  2. Generally, early release is allowed if you have a job to go to, so start looking for a job!
  3. My husband is in the American forces and is getting posted back to America early 2014 and I want to go with him. He has a good enough job to support the 2 of us can I still get early release or even compassionate reasons to sign off
  4. If you are in a trade that will be reducing under 2020 or your CO is happy to lose you then you may well be able to go early. if the Army has spent a good deal of cash and time training you and you are now a valuable asset it may be you are stuck.

    No one on here can tell you, I suggest you speak to your chain of command and request an interview with either your OC or RCMO.

  5. Speak to your RCMO, in this time of austerity, i would of thought that a unit would allow you to leave early just to save money or stop someone from being made redundant. That said if your in a pinchpoint trade you will probably be working everyday until your release date!
  6. What capbadge and trade are you?
  7. Smoke drugs get CDT'd, then banned from US ... no wait !
  8. Is your trade looking for volunteers for redundancy?
  9. Fail every fitness test.
  10. I am downgraded at moment due to injury I picked up last year
  11. Fail the service test?
  12. Commit suicide.
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  13. Chedder, just do what most other female soldiers do - cry.

    A lot.
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