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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ExEngineer, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. My son who is in Germany gave notice to sign off in July 08, after Christmas he had a change of heart and decided that he didn't want to leave the Army, so in February he signed back on. Just before Easter he hadn't heard anything so went to see his OC who said it will be sorted before Easter leave.

    Needless to say the weeks went by and he still hadn't heard anything, so he went to see the clerks who told him that they were waiting on Glasgow. In the meantime all his leaving docs arrived at my house here in England, I contacted him and told him to start to push the clerks into getting his sign on finalised as his leaving date is the middle of June.

    Last week I told him to get someone more senior to push things along, so his Sergeant went and seen the chief clerk who said everything was fine and not to worry he wouldn't be leaving in June.

    On Monday this week, my son was called in to see his OC and was told that MCM Div had ruled that his job was overmanned and therefore they were rejecting his sign on so he would be leaving this month. He was told that his options were to leave the Army or transfer to a different Corps.

    At the moment his Adjutant is trying to get MCM Div to change their minds and try to keep him in his present job or at least his Corps (Signals) They have now said he won't be leaving before middle of July if at all.

    Can anyone give me some advice on how my son can go about staying in his chosen Corps or how long it would take to transfer to another Technical job in a different Corps, he is at present a Systems Technician.
  2. Hopefully the Adjt will be able to sort something out.

    He should book an interview with the RCMO (regional/regimental careers managment officer). Who is a direct connection to MCM. He may be able to advise in career transfers also.

    It sounds like he will have to move fast to transfer, so he should plan for that eventuality and have a couple of ideas ready. Some in the Signals already and some in the wider Army or even forces (transfer to RAF or RN is possible now).

    And should the worst happen be prepared for civvies strasse.

    Seems off that he was not informed of the rejection until now.
  3. ExEngineer you have PM

  4. Well if he was a Systems Technician that trade has now been amalgamated with IS Engineer to form the 'Communications Systems Engineer' which as far as I am aware is still undermanned! (being one myself!)
  5. Thanks for the info, just spoke to my son he has an interview with his RCMO on Monday on his return from leave.

    His Adj is trying to get his end date extended until January to give him more time to transfer if required.

    In the meantime they are trying to get him to remain in R Sigs, the Adj will pass it up the COC if he is unable to do it.