Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Dollsteeth, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Hello all, interested in hearing your opinion on the below:

    Apparently due to manning for the first time in god knows being near to full strength within brigade any members (and i am included) seeking to sign back on and continue service are being told it is not possible/their services are not required.

    Is this possible? or should i say legal within the contract under which I/we all signed initially?

    without recieving the full barrage of 'why would you want to be a civvy you loser?' remarks for personal circumstances I signed off and (not to do with the army) and as they have now changed I would like to stay in.

    Just would be interested to know what the score is in general with the above.

    Thanks all
  2. I couldn't comment of the legality of it, but it was passed around our place, that, if we terminated we wouldn't be allowed to withdraw it.

    We were told this was to stop people trying to use termination as a way of getting postings etc and because we are fully manned we can afford to lose blokes.

    They've also started planning on binning serial fatties.
  3. Sorry to hear this. Some very good people, incuding famous generals, have signed off and signed on again in the past.
  4. I doubt you'll have any recourse here mate. By signing off, it is you who has terminated your contract of employment not your employer, who would have complied with the terms of the contract had you not done so. They are under no obligations here. I hope it works out for you.
  5. I would be the first to admit i probably have a chip on my shoulder but i was certainly given the impression that as a tom i am the same as the next bloke coming out of depot to battalion, regardless of what experience i hold despite lack of rank, this strikes me as shortsighted in the extreme, but also points that in a bizarre way a CSM or RSM with rank removed is no different then me, a case of rank-ism?

    Ill be honest It could be nothing as I havent been told I cant stay in but obviously rumours that are bad often stem from some truth.
  6. That's as may be, but unemployment is the best recruiting Sgt and in the current situation, they can pick and choose.

    You need to get the official response here mate.
  7. Why would not be legal? You would be very upset if the army didn't let you out a year after you signed off, so why should they be forced to accept anyone back? (especially when most soldiers who sign off do so because they think the army is crap).
    Although any CO with the slightest ounce of intellegence will probably accept back, a very good soldier who wanted to leave due to personal reasons rather not liking the army, for everyone else they will serve as a warning to people who make rash decisions.
  8. Thats what im aiming for,signed back on fri through JPA but obviously waiting for the stinging repost from higher, I will honestly be gutted if im not allowed to stay in, some sort of irony there im sure but Its got me pretty licked as current state in battalion is they are kicking out anyone that puts a foot in the wrong direction (something apart from a few boo-boos i have avoided), not that it changes anything for me but the fact that the current CO wont be in post when next tour comes up tells me he is thinking of his further career (good management/control over the troops etc etc) rather then the battalions, a battalion that hasnt gone on ops fully manned without the assistance of other units/TA for some time.
  9. Appreciate your point of view stacker but not all of us are single and life outside of the army shouldnt be used as a warning for others, and as maybe i should have stated I would prefer people to comment on the subject rather then my person position of which you know nothing (ref rash decisions)
  10. One other thing, as i have stated I want to continue serving but under the situation as stated above why is it I have to give (effectively) one years notice for which i was under the impression was so i had the oppertunity to reconsider my decision if there is no hope of signing back on?
  11. That why I said if it was for personal reasons rather than hating the army a decent CO would back you up. Unfortunly to many people have been leaving the army (In the RLC its to drive civvie trucks fo 25 quid an hour) then when it get close to that time to hand in their ID card they realise its not going to happen that way or they just think the army is shit and don't want to put up with it any more. I suppose the army has just had enough (now that recruiting is up) and want to show that people no longer get to mess them around.
  12. Have you had any interviews yet in regard to signing off?

    If you have not, they must invite you to reconsider at some point as stated in Employment Law. (Ill edit post when I find the relevant paragraph to quote).
  13. I know this is taking my own topic on a meandering thread but surely with the total fcuk up current government are making of Afg and with no end/solution in sight the obvious effect (despite the recession) would be on recruiting, I know everyone wants to blow stuff up and kill people but when the stark realities of war (as are easily available on such things as youtube) become apparent surely numbers will begin to droop? either or, as has been stated by many men on higher paybands then I ref SH Commanders on the ground will always want for more, so surely they are shooting themselves in the foot?

    Incidently I didnt ask for anything not that it makes a shade of differencre in the eyes of above but i agree that there are plenty of people who do what you say stacker, blanket punishment is a cnut
  14. I may be completely wrong...however, I have left Kung Fu Panda and a large glass of wine for this...sign onto Armynet and look at ■2009DIN01-092 it may be useful if not I should drink less.....
  15. My point above was that as a mere Thomas if I can recognise the potential shitefcuk as mentioned above surely someone in a position to make a difference can? I mean ive been through the whole retention/non-retention thing before but ive never seen them kick out willing soldiers before and by some accounts that is what they are doing.