Significance of Ukraine -- Rumania territorial dispute

First of all, congratulations to Rumania: continental shelf near Zmeiny Island is rich in oil and gas...

"Today the International UNO Court in Hague put a period to dispute between Ukraine and Rumania over Zmeiny Island, located on the water boundary of two countries. According to court decision made today, Zmeiny Island cannot be a part of Ukraine’s coastal zone (it became part of Ukraine in 1948) while ascertaining mesial line of continental shelf and exclusive economic zone demarcation."

In my view court's decision set a precedent with far reaching consequences.

Apart from Zmeiny Island Rumania has territorial claims to northern Bukovina and Hertza region (West Ukraine).
Will Poland put a claim to Galitchina (Lwow, Tarnopol, Ivano-Frankovsk (Stanislawow)) and Volhynian?
Is it possible now for Ruthenians to get their claim to independence satisfied?
Will Crimea be recognised as Russian territory?
Will Luganks region be recognised as part of Russian Voysko Donskoe?
Etc., etc.

In other words, is this decision the first step to end Ukraine as territorial and political entity, and the second step (after Kosovo) to encourage territorial disputes within Europe?

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