Signet Rings – Gay or Genteel?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Evening chaps!

    I was stuck at one of those awful family Christmas parties the other day, a spoon of choc gateau in one hand & a glass of port in the other. I was desperately trying to become inebriated so as to drown out the cacophony of my elders & betters. My dear uncle, a fine man, had just finished informing me of his trip to the Vallée de la Marne for the umpteenth time & then proceeded to entertain me by doing his rendition of the Spanish Flamenco, by clicking a spoon & fork together & then drumming them on his bald spot. 8O

    It was amidst this scene of festive joy that I overheard mummy-dearest mention something to do with signet rings & about how every real gent she knew had one. My only real experience of signet rings was that they were preferable to Oscar Wilde & co, not necessarily a style for the discerning gent. I was about to inform mummy-dearest that it was all a load of rot when she named some of the chaps she knew who wore them, all of undisputed rank & status, so that I was obliged to reconsider my opinion.

    Not really being the type to dabble much in men’s jewellery, my only experience being that I once flogged knocked-off, gold plated tat to gullible sceptics on a 6 star cruise liner, :) I suppose I am not really in any position to make an accurate judgement.

    If it is true & signet rings are actually a gent’s must-have, then I may consider getting one myself, only so some of the elegant grace from my seniors may filter down through to my ambitious, yet humble & narrow shoulders.

    I am rather hesitant however, as I have always understood that rings worn on ones pinkie might suggest the more camp traits & perhaps send out the wrong signals. If I did get one is there a danger that I might be considered a comfortable-shoed chap :? My physiognomy displays quite fine & delicate features & I am not blessed with the more manly attributes of those rugby types, so I daresay it might make me look even less masculine than is already the case.

    I remain sirs, your most humble & loyal servant, &c.

  2. Do you ever stop waffling shit?
  3. If you wear one your a Spaff Guzzler end of. I must win £10 for this.
  4. Signet rings on men are the same as men wearing earings....the mark of a fudge packer.
  5. What'll you use the tenner for ?...buying tampons to shove up yer arse ? :D
  6. Can someone kill Dashing please.



  7. No to mail back your Marc Almond CD and signet ring back to you. 8)
  8. smart arse :D
  9. Watch out for the pinkie ring, quite a few blokes of somewhat high birth and status, to say nothing of power, wear them. I believe it is some kind of masonic accoutrement. As for sygnet rings, I know a bloke who many moons ago was goalie for the Czechoslovak national football team and is now an eminent veterinarian and human microbiologist. He has a beauty of a sygnet ring, nothing hermer about him though.
  10. I must remember to tell Lemmy the next time I see him

    btw, Dashing Chap, this is not up to your usual standard. your tales of Thrap Central have some merit but tales of one's relatives and their antics down the Old Kent Road are not so amusing.

    edit: mong spelling
  11. Gayer than a room full of gay guy gaying each other.

    in a word, they're gay.
  12. You have a rather pretty ring in your avatar Mr TwentyBandH! :)

  13. Who, Lemmy the fudge packer, who's a barman in the Blue Oyster Bar
  14. Had he just been to Disneyland Paris?

    As for the ring thing..... it is gayer than getting caught with Peter Tatchell licking the smeg off your helmet while you gently tease the ringpiece of Jimmy Somerville.
  15. Gayer than a small cavalry regiment.