Signed out the outrage wagon and returned it safely.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by walting_matilda, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Signed out the outrage wagon and returned it safely.

    In my local town I walked out of a department store and purchased a poppy from the local soldier. Only to turned a corner to find a group of oxygen thieves spouting anti war shite. I walked passed and gave them a dirty look and mumble profanity. After 10 metres past I thought “fcuk it!” So I marched back and gave them a good bollocking about if it wasn’t for the mucker not 30 metres to their left them fcukers wouldn’t of had the privilege of protesting. They replied about the current conflict which I snorted that they served their country which is in itself a selfless act and should be proud of. As an ex serving member I fcuking detested people like them.

    I’m quite a fat bloke so they never asked for thirds and I walked away to a rye smile from the poppy mucker………………… Job done…….
  2. Good drills....that man.

  3. Well done you :)
  4. Good lad :D
  5. Nice one Centurion, like it, like it :D
  6. Homo! You should've walked home and got tooled up with whatever battery operated power tools you have lying around (that are charged) and got back there to unleash hell upon them. Nail guns/tweezers/and toffy hammers are good for that sort of CQB.
  7. Did you present them with a white feather apiece, or pay a young lady to do so?

    If not then bad drills ;)
  8. Good job!