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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by poet, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. friend off mine signed off recently and trying to sign back on still waiting for a answer. Was wondering she never had a interview with the rcmo never signed anything saying she had interview with any one about signing off .....She has nothing which she has signed to say signed off like no contract except jpa question is ......Jpa a legal binding document ?
  2. So your friend took a conscious decision to ignore the CofC, log on to JPA and go through the process of signing off. She didn’t do it by accident because she didn’t report it to the CofC.

    Now that she is getting cold feet, she wants the same people who she chose to circumnavigate to support her case in signing back on by claiming that there is no legality in the system she used, however, if she wanted to continue down the path to getting out she would insist that the very same system is the way ahead.

    Or am I missing something :wink:
  3. In no particular order;

    1. Learn to use punctuation.
    2. If it is a "mate" WTF has it got to do with you anyway?
    3. If you have given notice to terminate on JPA then that is sufficient. That is what JPA is for.
    4. With the Army at full manning once NTT has been given it is less likely to be reversed. So I guess your "friend" is leaving after all.

    Moral of the story-think before you sign off (oh and learn to use punctuation).
  4. Signing off on a whim, mmmmm incredibly stupid thing to do in the current economic climate. Good luck with the job centre.
  5. It makes my week to see the unit Emo's get in a strop over posting/promotion/courses/tour and sign off via JPA. Dont let the camp gates smack your arrse on the way out :)
  6. What Poet said (much better than I could ever do).
  7. ha ha....never would i trust JPA and i'm pretty sure it states you must see Chief at the least so they can confirm it and action the pay/pension side....what a tube!! JPA log in is there for a reason, what she gonna say, that she did it drunk?? i've gobbed it many a time bout signing off but after a small chat beforehand i've always been talked into thiunking what a cnut i was being.

    tell your 'friend' that she should tell all her unit so they can learn from her very silly mistake!!
  8. Actually I have always thought it funny that the toggle to Sign Off is only 2 away from booking leave-NEVER book leave when pissed!
  9. To the OP.

    Yes, signing off on JPA, even if you don't do any interviews, counts as a document for signing off.

    So your mate IS signed off and in her last 12months.

    Whether her CoC decide to support her remount or not will depend on many things.... like, is she worth retaining? Is she an admin diaster area? Is she a discipline nightmare?

    Perhaps suggests she speaks to her CoC. She may well need an interview with the RCMO also.

    She'll no doubt face the following choices (not that she will be the one making it). 1. Carry on normal jogging. 2. Retrade within her capbadge. 3. Retrade out of current capbadge. 4. Good luck in civvie strasse.

    Her CoC may not have much of a say in this either... depending on her trade and capbadges current manning or policy on remounts (ie. No remounts for admin vortexs)
  10. In my last place we had an absolute eejit sign off, then ask for early release as he had a job offer. The job offer fell through, possibly because the employer realised he was a complete chopper and a G1 drama queen. He asked for an extension to his early release rather than signing back on. He was told to eff off. Chuffed to bits. Caaaaahnt!
  11. I really don't know why the 'sign off' option is presented to the young lads.

    It should only be presented when someone (ie the Sqn 2ic or RAO/RAWO) activates it, or it should have an automatic send on to the RCMO/resettlement officer/CoC. Not for the scroats benefit, but so the CoC can admin this sort of stuff.
  12. hahaha.....enjoy your giro
  13. You can't.

    Are you the nobber randomly walking into my office larging it the other day?
  14. No that was me wiping my hoop on your curtains.

    sorry back to the thread - as what the slug said
  15. I agree; I was quite astonished to see how easy it was to sign off (almost managed to do it myself...).

    I think this is badly implemented in JPA - unless that was the intention!! :D