Signed off sick.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. I'm off at the mo - signed off sick (for 14 days).

    I have been told by work I need a sick note to return to work saying I'm ok. Anyone know the rules regarding TA, I mean does the TA also need confirmation. I'm told this is H&S rules.
  2. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Nothing to do with H&S really Polar. There is no H&S requirement for sick certs - it's a Social Security / statutory sick pay thing.

    There's also no requirement for a certificate declaring you fit - in fact some doctors will charge you for this. It must be a company requirement (I've seen this before) to require a "fitness for work" certificate. Saying it's "H&S" is just the usual admin cop-out...

    The TA would not expect you to put your health at risk by coming in to TA work while signed off from civvy work but obviously this depends on what you are signed off for, what your civvy job involves and what your TA role involves. I know my employer would take a VERY dim view of me going on a TA weekend while signed off!

    However the TA doesn't require "fitness to work" certs after a period of sickness to the best of my knowledge.
  3. I never knew you were TA.

    "Fit for travelling" is the best you can get from your civvy doctors. They are not in a position to tell you if you can work or not.
  4. In a lot of cases, it is also an employer's insurance requirement - you are not covered for any damage done to or by already (partially) broken people. I would assume that with the MOD being its own insurer, then the only thing that would keep Polar off TA work is a wimp chit from a service medic (and then, if it was a light duties one, he could still soldier on.)
  5. Guy in our unit broke his leg during army time & was off sick for several weeks. Before his Sqn PSAO would allow him to sign in again he had to produce a "fit for work" certificate which cost him, I believe, £60. He promptly claimed it back on JPA after informing the PSAO that he was told to get by the army it so the army pays, and it did.
  6. Of course he did.

    I'm stepping away from the TA forum because you all talk shite,
  7. Bit of a strange one that, usually your unit would send you to the unit doc for a medical to get upgraded.