Signed first edition of 'Vote for Caesar' by Peter Jones.


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Donated by Oldmanron, here is an opportunity to buy a signed first edition of 'Vote for Caesar' by Peter Jones.

It's a great book, showing how the ancient Greeks and Romans handled the challenges of running their societies. Many of their solutions would still be appropriate today, and some might be amusing if we did try to implement them (paying no taxes and creating revenue by invading foreign countries, for example).

The auction will run until
Friday, 7th December at 1800 hours (UK Time)

All proceeds to Holidays4Heroes.
By bidding or taking part in the auctions in any way, you agree to abide by the Auction Rules.​


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£10.- just for starters.


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Thank you, Cutaway


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Please note changed end time - the first batch of Christmas auctions will end at 1800 hours tomorrow 7th December.

Thank you.


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[B]Congratulations and thank you rockape34. [/B]

[B][B]For £15 this lovely lot is yours. [/B]
[B]Thank you for supporting Holidays for Heroes, and thank you to oldmanron for donating the item.[/B][/B]

[U]Please transfer the money to:[/U]

[B][B]Bank: Holidays4heroes[/B]
[B]Sort: 40-12-09[/B]
[B]Acct: 41416081[/B]

[B]IBAN: GB29MIDL40120941416081[/B]
[B]Swift: MIDLGB2120G[/B][/B]

Please PM me confirmation details of the payment and let oldmanron know where to send the parcel.

If you’d like to use PayPal, please use shopgirl’s account [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. She will pass the money to us.

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