When I change my signature it just applies to all subsequent posts. Yet other ARRSErs change theirs and it applies to all their previous posts as well.

What am I doing wrong?
Did you check the "apply to all previous posts" box?
Get the link to the pic you want to install (i.e. http: //etc etc etc ) then surround it in the usual fashion (i.e.

Hope this helps...which it will. :D
I haven't been able to get images to work in my signature. I've tried the php code as well as html. Another day maybe.
goatbagthedruid said:
Yes, it works! That will do for starters
Always glad to help, even ARRSErs with a predilection for tropical fruit...

I don't actually see your image however...are you shure it works?

Posted at just after 1010hrs 17 Jun 05, in case anyone looks back on this thread once GBTD has sorted his life out.... :D

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