Signals, what joy!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Crafty990, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. I had the pleasure of carrying out a guard duty whilst on Op Telic with a couple of young signallers who had just arrived in the country having come straight from Blandford. Being only a crafty myself, I still felt I could offer some advice and maybe a little wisdom drawn from my reasonably short time in the army. They were both full of enthusiasm and eager to impress. Little did I know they were technicians and that 18 months later I would be carrying out a duty with one of them again. This time however, He wasnt a signaller, he was a fookin' full screw and my guard commander! What the frig is going on, why is he one step below living in the mess and whats more, why the fúck is he beating me 2-0 in the big promotion game! Needless to say i find it incredibly difficult to do anything a tech tells me to do unless he/she is sporting greying hair.

    I grow increasingly angry. :x
  2. Ahhh, I know how you feel!

    I was still a private, when one of my mates from basic was ord. Sgt at 3 an ammo tech! :evil:

    No wonder I got out!
  3. Ahhh, I know how you feel!

    I was still a private, when one of my mates from basic was ord. Sgt at 3 an ammo tech! :evil:

    No wonder I got out!
  4. You may be pissed about the tech out stripping you 2-0 - just wait until you see his pay packet.......
    Tech in Sigs get promoted mainly though their trade. It's a retention tool to ensure they dont get their qualifications and then bugger off to civ-div.
  5. Same as most who earn that amount and fly through the wanks to Sgt!

    Not right at the end of the day!
  6. In some ways I can understand that its a retention thing and if I had tried harder at school I could also be a screw by now. it doesnt however, make taking orders off the sproggy bastards easier one bit.
  7. We all walked into the career's office equal. If you couldn't get the dominoes in the right order.....

    As an ex tech (now RD) I will probably fully support most of the expected comments both in this forum and in that I normally hear in the R Sigs in General.

    Yes, the bottom line is retention. I spent 2.5 years in training and left as a LCpl and was a Sgt 5 years later (to the day) from leaving Catterick as a qualified class 3 tech. We are well trained in what we do (as are most trades) and are prized on the outside by many of the comms businesses. Therefore we get promoted quickly in order to stay anywhere near to civvy rates of pay and hopefully (for R Sigs) stay in. (That's the trade/career bit).

    Now I'm an SSM and I'm the first one to remind newly arrived LCpl Baby Techs what they are and how easliy they may find their future early promotion. Leaving the factory as a Lance Jack is not laid down in tablets of stone though.

    Trouble is, even though they may be a complete stroker and have left Blandford as a Siggy, they will still promote quickly up to Cpl (beyond that does take more than just simply recommending them). I have seen several in my sqn who have recently picked up and it makes me weep.

    The good ones mentally catch up with their tapes very quickly. The bad ones learn through f*cking up. In general, yes there is banter but in the Sigs we just tend to accept it as the way it is.

    Don't know what the future holds though. We are overmanned with techs at the moment so we (The Corps) is being quite selective and weeding out the unworthy.
  8. You may be interested to know that times they are a changin'. Promotion for Sigs Techs is now becoming harder, and is not automatic from training, as it was a few years ago.

    I've always disagreed with using rank as a retention tool - whilst your using the rank as a means to increase the pay of the individual, your also giving them the responsibilities that go with that rank. That is where the danger lies methinks.

    You might want to put a link to this thread on the sigs area crafty, theres always someone out there ready to bite at a tech promotion thread.

  9. 80% of voice traffic in the naffi/mess is about that argument. :twisted:

    As Boney said those times have come and gone and apart from leaving Blandford with 1 tape up from then on they now have to sit promotion boards like the rest of us mere mortals.

    Oh and your right, Signals what a joy :lol:
  10. You love it Disco and you know you do :D

  11. Sorry Tobie,

    Many a Tech good and bad has taken the Tarmac Technician route. Easy to do , easier than the FofS /supervisor route. Like the way you put across the facts but the truth is " and I have been there " as a 20 year old full screw on duty with:

    1. Artillery regiments.
    2. Commando forces ( naked in the bar of course).
    3. The Black Watch.

    I learnt how to keep my wits about me.

    Also no great advert for SSM (RD) with the

    I know I am dyslexic but I have seen to many SSM's speeling there way to deploying to Iraq in "dessert" combats!
  12. Old Bloke - Touche on the spelling. (Now amended)

    R Sigs MCM Div tell us on a regular basis that choosing RD over FofS (or having it chosen for you as can also be the case, but not mine) is a much more competitive option. There are very few FofS that leave after 22 yrs as a SSgt, but look how many Tp SSgts do.

    Anyway, I'm not here to big up myself (haven't I done well, etc) just informing Crafty 990 and the rest outside The Corps of my opinions.
  13. Remember that there are loads of others who get promoted just for passing out of training. R Sigs Spec Ops, all Int Corps soldiers and probably a whole host of others.

    But let's face it, those guys might not get immediate promotion anymore but it's certainly in the post. They simply have to wait another couple of months, unlike the guys in the other trades who have to go on a proper board. The only real stumbling block for techs now is not the Sgt promotion board, but the selection for T1 entrance. That's likely to lead to the less academically talented shifting to other trades (probably into mine).

  14. As a scaley Tom I got attached to the Staffords on a Med Man in Canada with a Tech lance jack. My section were short of a 2-Ice Cream so guess what, you guessed it the Tech became section 2-IC. By very nature of these exercises they are dangerous mainly due to the live firing. To say the Tech got a baptism of fire is an understatement and got filled in on the prairies by other Toms in the section. The pinicle of his achievements was an ND while clearing a trench complex. Mind you he took the beating well which stopped him getting charged. After less than a week, he went sick off the exercise - not beating related but realisation that he was out his depth. Fair do's though, he didn't ask for the appointment.

    The moral of the story is - if your wearing it you had better be able to carry it.
  15. Didn't mean to sound all 'high and mighty' - see sandbag entry above.