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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by StoneAndGlory, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. As you may have worked out, what's the difference (apart from the obvious 3-in-1 opportunity) between C3S in the Royal Engineers, and an equivalent trade in the Royal Signals? Currently in my Phase 2 training for the RE, but am strongly considering a cap badge change if it's still possible- and if there is space in the Sigs... as much detail of possible will be appreciated- i.e difference in Phys, workspace, etc.
  2. The difference is essentially that R Sigs operate for the benefit of the whole force and the RE operates for its own benefit only when it comes to comms/cis.

    Think wholesale and retail.
  3. cheers, but the big thing is the difference in PT.. I feel i'm best suited to a different line of work, however, i need to know the deal with PT compared to RE as i don't want my fitness to drop. What is PT like in the Signals?
  4. PT standards will be the same, If you fancy your chances 18 Sigs as SFC is available.
  5. RE tend to get the comms right on many more occasions that RSIGNALS too.....................
  6. RE PT is pretty gruelling, the same in sigs? and SFC? no idea, been looking at Communications Systems Engineer... but i suppose during a re-badge you gotta take whatever's given... will look into it.
  7. I could do something about that possibly, once i'm in position to do so.... I enjoy RE, however I just feel i'm better suited to something a bit more in the lines of Computers, etc. And in RE you are first a Combat engineer, and, in most cases, use that more than your trade (from what i've heard).
  8. Who's RSIGS? I don't recognise that abbreviation. You got a JSP 101?
  9. JSP 101? Still in my Phase 2, so may seem ignorant... RSIGS is meant to mean Royal Signals i believe.
  10. Royal Corps' of Signals.
    Royal Signals
    R Signals

    all the same. RSIGS isn't used as much as it used to be mind.

    PT is PT, it isn't harder in the RE. There are events i nthe RE that are hard (ie bridge building at the sapper games) but then we have the Lanyard Trophy in the Signals.
  11. and how often is PT in the regiment? And PT during Phase 2?
    What is the Lanyard Trophy? sounds fun!!!
    And what is the general atmosphere about phase 2 training in Blandford? Here at RSME its a constant smashfest, which is good as its free PT however, doesn't do wonders for morale.
    Loads of questions i know, but i need to get as much info as i can before making my decision- to ensure it is the right choice.
  12. PT amount generally 3-4 times a week... as for Blandford, word from the guys coming in from there lately is that not alot at all, trade taking priority and civvy PTI's being lazy - which is then a shock to their system when they turn up in working units.
    Lanyard Trophy is an 40 mile tab with 35-40kg (someone with better memory than myself feel free to correct me there)in a team of 8, usually won by 216 Sig Sqn
    As for the rest, will have to let someone with more recent knowledge answer that one!
  13. I think you have your Kg's and lbs mixed up.

    To the original poster, you should concentrate on which Cap badge you want to be for the job aspect.
    The amount of PT will vary from unit to unit as I'm sure it does in the Engineers.

    As a young person if you ever feel you've not done enough PT you could always go for a run on your own or with chums.
  14. R.Sigs. Comms networks are a tad more complex than R.E. Ones though.

    To the O.P. Do what you wish. CSE was and probably still is a good trade.
  15. Ye I really want to go sigs... And one thing I've learned from past experience is go by your gut, And right now it's telling me I should do it, if I can.
    And with PT, I know you can train yourself too. In fact, I prefer to train myself where I can.
    Is swimming a common PT session? Or is that up to the unit's discretion?
    Any of you know anything about available course dates, and if there is space for a re-badger?