Signals troop in kosovo

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rsigslad, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. I have heard that there will be a TA Signals troop going to Kosovo for the winter tour.

    Does anyone know anything about this? if so can i get some info on this
  2. Likely to be canceled. Falklands more likely .. although a few years to late
  3. Damm ne ideas of a quick deployment for a rad op/Systems Tech(Civvy Trade)
  4. Please expand
  5. explain what mate
  6. maybe when they get back someone could write a book entitled "Armchair Warriors - Across to the NAAFI fot a BLT"! :lol:
  7. Work in Bosnia/Kosovo is drying up, so its being looked at putting TA Sigs soldiers elsewhere.
  8. thnx Polar
  9. Saw a leaflet in the TA Centre yesterday saying the following:

    697 (K) Sig Tp will form in August 2007 to train for and deploy to Kosovo as the United Kingdom National Support Component Signals Troop, providing communications for Operation OCULUS. Volunteers are now required.

    There are key dates in the leaflet, including:

    13-15 Jul 07 - Selection Weekend.
    20-31 Aug - Mobilisation.

    "Volunteer today via your PSAO or Ops/Trg Maj"

    Hope this helps.
  10. Which Sig Bde/Grp/Regt is running this, is it open to all regiments
  11. I'm with 2(NC) Sig Bde but I think its Signals wide as CVHQ R SIGNALS contact details are also on the leaflet.
  12. are they still handing out gongs for Kosovo?
  13. Hey Polar I see you are still on here talking carp about stuff you know nowt about!!
    The Sig troop is going ahead, it is being led by 37 sigs it is open to all regt's in either bde. the start of the tour will be Nov 06. There are no plans to endex the tour yet it will prob go on for about another two years or so. Bosnia has closed down though.
    If anyone is lookin for anything else, have a look on the army web site, serving soldier, then mobilisation oportunities, they have all vacancies to be filled by T.A whether it is NRPS, FTRS or just mobilisation. For example they are looking for R.Sigs to do a job in Kenya for 6 months.
    You should try a tour polar you might get some real experience and be better for it!!
  14. D, very funny
  15. 38 sigs had the CVHQ presentation for 697 (K) Sig Tp Operation OCULUS over the weekend.

    The dates Posh has mentioned above are correct. Its an ongoing op that is going to be filled for at least the next 2 years in Kosovo.

    PM if you want the contact details.