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Hi everyone, I have been lurking on these forums for a while, thought I'd make my first post.

I'm currently waiting to attend Sandhurst for the TACC in July. I've already done Module 3, I'm just waiting to do AOSB (I know, wrong way round, oh well). Post commission I am moving house, and have the choice of staying in the Signals, just moving Regiment, or moving to an Infantry unit.

I was wondering if anyone has experience of the TA Signals Troop Commanders Course, and could give me the low down on how interesting / tough / enjoyable etc. it was? I've already heard a lot of stuff about the PCBC, primarily along the lines of "worst two weeks of my life, glad I did it though".

Thanks very much for your time, also, if you think this should be moved to the Officers or Signals forums, let me know.




Entirely different courses, as with all special to arm courses they focus on the knowledge and core competences required to do the job. Speak to your boss about it - I would let one of my troop commanders do both!


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As Zenith69uk says two different courses, PCBC is obviously a teeth arm course for Inf etc, whilst Sig Tps Cmds course is the equivilant for Signals capbadge. In the past the course consisted of two parts, Tp Cmds which was about man management and MS etc and then Radio Techniques which was the special to arm aspect involing the kit (and frankly was as interesting as BBQ'ing your own feet).

As of Jul 09 this will change, with the Tp Cmds part being the same and still the requirement for promotion to Lt; and generally it's a hoot of a course (my head hurts thinking about it). Whilst Radio Techniques is being replaced with the TA Information Comms Systems Offr cse (TA ICS), which is a much needed revamp.

The next course is immediately after 2 NC Sig Bdes (& 12 Sig Grps) YO Study weekend, running 12-17th Jul 09. Attendance on this course, plus Mk1(V) and JOTAC are the pre-reqs for promotion to Capt. Obviously the earlier you can get on this course the better tho'.

If you need more info, PM me.

Reference: SOinC(A) PD121: TA Royal Signals Officers, Edition 6, Nov 2008.

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