Signals trade patches

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ptesleeper, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick question, I know that crossed flags on the upper right arm signify a Signals instructor, but what symbol shows a qualified signaller?
  2. The signals TRF, I'm guessing atleast for those that are RSigs is two rectangles, one blue one white. I'm not sure whether this applies to non RSigs though.
  3. used to be two crossed flags on the left arm at the bottom of ur jersey
  4. Thanks, but I meant the actual trade qualification badge (for any cap badge) rather than the RSigs TRF.
  5. Thanks, I thought it was something like that. Do you know if this is still used?
  6. on fearing a wahhhh

    1. The TRF is R Sigs only

    2. The Crossed flags signfy different level of signaller dependent of corps, in the RA it was as follows

    Bottom Left Sleeve (No 2's only) = Basic Sig RA
    Bottom Right Hand Sleeve (no 2's only) = Advanced Sig RA
    Upper Right Sleeve, Above stripe(s) (No 2's only) = Det Cmmdr Sig RA
    Upper Right Sleeve, Above stripe(s) (JHW) = Signals Instructor

    But as DC and Sig Instructor courses were held together , you very rarely found an non Instructor DC signaller (although there was one on my course as he failed the instructor part)
  7. Bring back the jersey

    Inf was Bottom left sleve - class 2
    Bottom right sleve - class 1
    RSI/RSDC - Above tapes