signals trade in infantry.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by guest111, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. i know i should ask my psi, however i thought i would ask here first. I have just busted myself down to a recruit in the infantry after a year as a radio operator in the royal signals. What i was wondering is what can my class 3 radio operator trade do for me in the infantry. can i use my trade.

  2. Of course you can. Many officers (CO. OC's. Pl Comd's) will have radio ops. Radio ops are also reqd to work in the big top where officers wear tin foil hats and make up silly plans.
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    There is indeed an Infantry Signaler trade. Further, all Infantry battalions have a Signals Platoon which in effect supply the signals detachment to each of the rifle companies. In a regular battalion a rifleman will usually get bumped to Sigs Pln after having spent some time as a Platoon Signaler, carrying a radio for the platoon commander.

    Because in the TA your local Infantry company may not have the battalion's Signals platoon, the position you're likely to go for is the platoon signaler one. Note that each company will have a sigs NCO slot too (slot for a Cpl at Coy level) if you want to stay in the sigs end of things. This is all assuming that you actually want to stay in the comms trade as you did switch to the Infantry for a reason.

    It is a good job, but you do have to be switched on when it all starts kicking off. Good luck with whatever you go with!
  4. thanks for the helpful information guys. i will ask more about platoon signaler role. i have fully transferred from the royal signals as i wanted to fill my boots a bit more so to speak, however being still interested in comms wanted to see what i could do within a infantry platoon so thanks been a help.
  5. Stick with being a rifleman until you want a change. I really enjoyed Plt/OC/CO Signaller but also loved to get back into 'normal' infantry work as mortarman
  6. Of course this is all dependant on your infantry unit having any viable radio systems larger than a PRR to play with.
    No point in being a signaller if there's nothing to train with/on.
  7. Mortars isn't normal infantry work. It's a specialist role within the infantry. Being in a rifle company is normal infantry work.
  8. Is he not referring to the 51?
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    51mm has been replaced by the 60mm although there are many still knocking around and to be perfectly honest the 51 is a better platoon weapon. The 60 is good for having at a patrol base, but you don't want to lug it around the Green Zone.

    And no, I think polar was actually referring to a mortars platoon.
  10. Yes I know, although I don't think polar needs to worry about lugging it around the Green Zone.

    Fair do's
  11. Yeah, I could see myself doing a comms whinge, so I went on about doing mortars.... hmmm mortars.. how does that work with not being able to speak to the MFC's?
  12. Future Corps stricture is embedded R Signals within Infantry to sp Bowman on Ops.

    Get used to it.

    Thus such a transfer is both logical and with potential.
  13. check your PMs
  14. A bit more like REME with LADs? Suits my personal objectives, but are they likely to be the kind of posts that are stuck back in Camp Bastion though, if one was to try to get an attachment to an Infantry unit as a tech for a holiday somewhere sandy in late 2012/2013?
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    The way that it worked with our battalion was that there were one or two Royal Signals boys in each of the FOBs. I think they were all operators, but there might have been a tech at BHQ.

    The two lads with our Coy didn't go out on patrol or even provide Bowman support, but manned the radio in the ops room and worked under our sigs Cpl as a part of his det. They were all junior ranks, but again not sure about any techs. I'm not aware that the Bn had any sort of dedicated support back at Bastion.

    The R.Signals pax seem to come from the Bde Sig Sqn so I guess that's where you'd be looking to go if you want the chance to end up on a attachment to an Infantry unit. Note that the numbers involved are pretty small, even including the rear link dets at Battle Group level. As one of the siggies told me, it's a bit of a blue moon posting.

    Hope this has been of some use and good luck!