Signals to RAF Cottesmore?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by freedomman, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. There was a story on the local news section during the BBC News at Ten last night about Signals moving to RAF Cottesmore. I was reading, so didn't really catch it.

    Can't find anything about it anywhere, anybody see it or know what's occuring?

    Is this the first sign of the new Eastern 'Super Garrison'?
  2. It's butt-fcuk in the middle of nowhere. Be a great place for 7 and 16 as the runway would make them feel at home :)

    Taxi's to get out on the lash would cost, but at least it's fairly central and the A1 isn't too far away so the lads and lasses can bomb burst every Friday. Makes sense to move someone in. It's got decent facilities, IIRC.
  3. Theres a couple of good pubs in Greetham
  4. The on-camp bowling alley and bar has just been extensively refurbed!

    Pity they put new speakers in for the jukebox as the volume now means that you can feel your fillings disintegrating faster than they're dissolved by the p1ss poor lager.
  5. Perhaps we could fund the outrage white fleet by running a pub-shuttle at weekends, when the outrage plot is usually pretty quiet?
  6. It's not quite the middle of nowhere. Stamford and Grantham aren't that far away IIRC. Aren't 16 Regt RA nearby (luffenham??). Super Garrison might not be that far off the mark.
  7. And lets not forget it would proper hack off all of the Lincolnshire legends otherwise known as Royal Air Farce Officers, who have all bought houses on the brand spankers estate built at the camp gates.

    Beautiful, a proper NAAFI bop right on your doorstep - treat yourself!

    :D :D :D
  8. WO & Sgts Mess is in a right old state. No money has been spent there for years! The "transit" rooms upstairs felt like going back 20 years to Catterick.
  9. Aren't 7 & 16 still slated for going to Stafford, when we finally have the cash to build them some houses and blocks and stuff?
  10. Stamford is really quiet and full of old dears and tea shoppes (tho The George is good for lunch). The dubious charms of Grantham have been discussed in various RLC threads. It's also near Oakham - nice market town, very civilised. Loads of good country pubs nearby, and Hambleton Hall nearby if you want to push the boat out. Lots for equestrians, and also aquatic types at Rutland Water.

    Still slated for closure in 2013.

  11. The RAF are leaving by March 2013. Nothing has been said about the camp being handed over or sold on. The civvies are having fits hoping that the Forces will remain in the area as RAF Cottesmore contains 10% of the population of the county of Rutland so losing that would hurt alot of the local business community.