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Im a radio op in the signals and am interested in going EOD. Can i do this and if so how? I dont want to see my RCMO until ive found out the facts to ensure i dont get fobbed off or frowned upon by my seniors. Any information would be good. Thanks alot. John
There are numerous threads regarding transfer and all of them sooner or later (and usually sooner) will tell you to talk to your CoC and RCMO, so why not go and talk to them-they will not think badly of you and this is exactly what your RCMO's job was created to do (among other things too)
If its required to re-cap badge i would prefer the engineers but a transfer to either the RLC, Or RE wouldnt make a difference to me assuming the jobs are the same which from what i can tell in the UK are very similar
Without starting another RE/RLC p*ssing contest the jobs in the UK between RLC EOD and RE EOD are very different.

RLC EOD teams cover the whole of the GB (from 12 locations 15 if you inc NI) for all IEDD (bar London) and the vast majority of EOD tasks with approx 3200 taskings pa in the support of the police.

The RE deal with foreign air dropped munitions which is the historic speciality of the RE (approx 50 taskings pa) and work from Wimbish. Alot of the RE time and effort is taken up with Explosive Ordnance Clearance due to manpower and resources, and search (which is not strictly EOD) although I stand to be corrected by my RE brethren.

On ops the lines blur, the details of which I am unsure of being in the public domain so will not comment upon further here.

It roughly comes down to; in the RLC an Ammunition Technician as part of their career can do EOD/IEDD, in the RE its the combat engr trade first then the EOD trade which is more of a posting than a permanent trade (athough I believe you can contiue serving in EOD as long as you like).

If I have the RE details wrong or just inaccurate and you are a fully flegded BDO feel free to correct me and steer the OP in the right direction.

Please don't tell me though who does bombs best as I really am not that fussed.
Just_John said:
As a rad-op would i do the course or merely provide the comms back to the police / higher formation?
The RS provide the AT with specialist ECM advice and do the IEDD course in that discipline, if you want to be an operator (RLC) or BDO (RE) then its rebadging time.

I thought it was tels tec and spec op that were posted to 11 EOD Regt RLC as ECM operators, so didn't suggest this before, but looking at squirts post this may not be the case any more. Theres a couple of ECM ops knocking around who may be able to answer this question accurately. If you get no joy on this thread start a new one or search in the RS forum.

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