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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Mike444, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. IS the job interesting and varied. What does it actually intail because all of the recruiting books have limited descriptions.23
  2. siting in the back of a warm wagon drinking brews and eating toast , oh and stiching on new stripes now and again......
  3. not a tech , hence the bad spgelling and bitterness
  4. yes there are times the job can be intresting but also you spend alot of time writing reports and fixing 30 yr old bits of kit and quite often dealing with the fact the some f*cking operator hasn't checked the fuse. (three times last week, those in glass houses).
  5. techs are good for those cr@ppy stags ,2am - 6am while on exercise. cleaning earth rods after the exercise , if the corps didnt have them who would we winge about on arrse?
  6. There are some cracking Techs out there who know how to get the job done and are dynamic in the way they are creative within a team.

    The rest of them post on ARRSE...

    go figure... :roll:
  7. Well this must apply to all trades then!!!!!

    so what are you disco a dynamic, creative get the job done type or do you post on ARRSE :twisted:
  8. It depends on the moon state...

  9. Fair one.
  10. Not an Op, Driver or Liney ..... Tele Mech?
  11. i think its the same in all trades, you get good tradesmen and you get bad tradesmen. unfortunately technicians have picked up the 'fat waster' image and i can tell you there definately are a few, well ok alot. however, the days of doin well in school and using this to get a good trade and get promoted are coming to an end, its now time to sort out the 'fat wasters' and other rabble and round them up and shoot them all! now thats off my chest i can get back to blr'ing this kit and enjoying my donut.....oh yeah and sewing on my new stripes!