Signals Spec OP????

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bibo_boy, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. One of my recruits is on her 2 weekes and she has been asked what a Signals Spec Op is?????

    I guess Special Operation? but anyone know what they are on about?

  2. BB - tried posting about half an hour ago but the site seemed to be playing up - read your PMs
  3. Its actually a typo on the Mess menu. Spec ops should read Specials - Chops, Lamb or Pork!
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  4. Is this a wah? Everybody, Sigs, Inf, even the civvies, knows that a spec-op (aka stg, morse-monkey, tele-op (spec)) is what you call when your lady needs some good lovin' and your beer needs drinkin'.

    Remember: 'tele op(spec)s are good at sex'

    It's the trade motto.
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  5. Well, to my knowledge (written in font 72 on the back of a postage stamp), she might mean SF rad op, i.e. special forces. Or it could be a rad op for one of the Special Comms units... they have a website so they can't be that secretive, or indeed special. Ohhh, their website has gone...

    Maybe they were special after all???
  6. I coudn't agree more! :wink:
  7. I'm an NCO (RS RAD Op) and I didn't know? Don't blame me, blame the system!!!!

    But hey, that's why I'm off to the guns!!!
  8. Yeah that sounds like a wah.
  9. Good feckin riddance how long you been in??? :cry:
  10. Steamy can't remember you being good at sex, well according to your Mrs anyway. I remember you when you came out of training and you were a right "bed rat", didn't you get a visit from the silver goddess when you were in the block ?
  11. You don't remember me being good at it 'cos you didn't hang out with the ugly girls in Loughborough...


    pm me
  12. definate wah.
  13. To get some sense into his, admitidedly funny, nonsense.

    Incase anyone reading this doesn't quite get it yet, a Spec Ops signaller is a Special Operator, serving alongside Intelligence to incercept, record and disrupt enemy communications.

    Now then, back to the nonsense.
  14. It's no secret, at least the bits they tell us about. Go here if you're interested Spec Op

    This is basically the link I PM'd BiboBoy at the start of the thread and from the R Signals web space on the Army site. I'd have posted it here in the first instance but ARRSE was really playing up at that point in time.

    To BiboBoy - kind of you to acknowledge :roll:
  15. Sorry!!!! no excuses!!!! thanks for the info!!!