Signals Screwdriver

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by tebagagap, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm after one of those blue handled, long stemed jobbys that are sometimes reffered to as the signals scewdriver. Used for all those awkward clansman screws especially when fitting the 351/2 to a frame.

    Serched Ebay but no joy, told they are like rocking horse sh*t to non sigs.

    Anyone got one laying about or know where i can get hold of one?


  2. Are you talking about a 4"/6" long shank with a crosshead or flathead point? Look no further than your 'Everything for a quid shop' or market place, they have zillions, lovely red or blue handles too.
    I have two I use for work, cost me £1 each.
    Ill get a pic if you want to see what I mean
  3. sounds like a "wah" to me
  4. right or left handed?
  5. Have you got a NSN for the right handed as the our SQMS only issues left.
  6. The right handed ones are next to the HF skywave keys on the top shelf.
  7. HF window key ive got a spare i decided to get one after everyone seems to be after them
  8. I have three of the left handed ones, please let me know if this will do. Right handed ones are a bugger to get hold of.