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Why do you wish to confirm such information? Does it matter one way or the other?
It has been put to me he is a "walter" he used to wear a SAS beret. I do hope `i am wrong...!
He could be entitled to wear a SAS beret as a scaley and I have never heard of a walt pretending to be ex-signals before. Don't recognise him though. Not that that means much.
A mate from 22 said he's never seen him before with his unit around the same time. A comms check with others states the same. Thought this person has caused a lot of issues around others that suffer PTSD by all accounts. I didn't wish to state at such an early stage: This person never got beyond basic training by all accounts, which I don't know to be true or other-wise. I am trying to find the truth within the lies so I can trust one against the other....!
Which 22? SAS or Signal regiment?
I asked him back on the training course what his regimental number was and he wouldn't say.
That was your first mistake, you never ask one of THEM for their regi number. THEY have a whole week long course on how not to tell people your regi number. You should have asked him about the various architechtural colour schemes of Hereford.

For example the boat house.

I don't know him, but you could always ask him for some simple pointers, ie what his trade was, his places of training, etc. He could hiccup. ie say it was Catterick when C had closed. Do his medals pass muster?
Get some info from him first, ie trades, and training. Units and exercises. Did he attend Blandford? If so, was he in Anson or Benbow (if he did/was then he WILL talk about them). Was he ever locked out at Catterick? If he was/wasn't, what happened next if you were?
Whilst PTSD is not wished up any person it would be interesting to know which unit he served with in 94 as it was a brigade sig sqn role at the time ,with other units such 30 Sigs,JCO's,14 Sigs,i served there ,am just curuious.
Extreme Walt tendencies, though I can confirm that he is ex signals, served in Blandford and was a bit of a Fruitkak before I left the mob - it is highly UNLIKELY that he was THEM

If I told you about the untruths in the article, I would probably be breaking some kind of Mental protection act - he has a lot more going on than possible PTSD! I would leave him in ga ga land which is where he was when I last saw him in 90
Oh and he was a CLERK
Ref the Clerk bit, it is worth pointing out at the time he joined he would have been a Telecommunications Operator (Personnel and Administration) (aka the Panda Op).
My you are very well informed - dont matter - he was still a CLERK, shinyass, penpusher, trenchdodger etc

like I said, lot more going on than PTSD or is he in the same ward?

Your point is???????
dorkblat if that is to myself. Not well informed I was in at the same time, thus I sort of know this sort of thing.

It was to the OP to remove any confusion between the Royal Corps and the AGC....
Hands in his pockets at a cenotaph is bad form for starters. Medals are all over the place on his blazer. Beret in the picture is non-264 shape (picky, yes).

Hmmmm, potential WALT....
Interesting that NO ONE from 264 Knows this chap. Neither does the security and vetting cell at the obvious place. Can any one shed any light on his 12 year most decorated career?
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