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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Shadowfar, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. Any Signals in here????if so what's the relay training like and i would like to know what ATR is like if you don't mind.


    P.S How do you put a cap badge on your beret?
  2. TA tend to like doing Radio Relay as a trade but I reckon the trade will disappear in a few years when Ptarmigan gets mothballed.
  3. My trade training was done over a period of 6/7 weekends and spanned a couple of months.

    I believe the new way is to send you away for a two week course which will be better as you wont forget parts towards the end.

    Usually you do a trade excercise at the end of your training to put what you have learnt into a proper scenario.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Good luck
  4. P.S How do you put a cap badge on your beret?[/quote]

    With yer Hands
  5. If you're that far away from trade trg then don't worry about it! Radio Relay is going out of the window in the not so distant future, go for radio operator instead - voice procedure and A&P theory never changes. You'll also gain exposure to bowman in the not so distant future, preparing you better for more ICS roles (and if you ever decide to change regiment people will always need your skill set). Handy for when Ptarmigan gets binned.

    Saying that if you enjoy running around like a mad man with 12M masts that weigh a small ton, plugging up and then sitting around all the time on ex until the next move, just getting up to change the DVD, go on stag, and fill the gennies then that's fine.
  6. <wibble>

    Trade training in 33 34 35 regiment are now 1 Week inclusive, don't listen to the knockers RR is the grandest trade in the world, ever. 1 hours work for 23 hours rest, whats the problem ? :p
  7. Nah, you want to go for a Tech trade (IS Eng) 24 hours rest a day.

    Darlings of the corps!
  8. And don't you find it strange how pub car parks, picnic spots and the back car park of nightclubs, always make "the very best locations" :)
  9. <evil voice> Ha ha ha ... SAN 646 role was taken over by the RLC last Jan and any IS apps
    that det would have supported will be taken over by civvies in 3 weeks and 1 day...... </evil voice>
  10. cheers for the help guyz.
  11. Well we've pretty much put that recruit off joining the TA, or at least as a Relay Op, my work here is done.
  12. Yeah but relay training is a laugh and you get a HGV license out of it. Retraining in the future wouldn't really be a problem.

    We don't know what will happen with 33, 34 & 35. What equipment and locations, etc. They may be effected by divisional boundary changes that come into effect in a few years. These will probably effect 37 and 38 Sigs more, I expect to be in either 32 or 34 Signal Regiments in a few years time.
  13. yea im in 35 reg
  14. If we will have you back :D
  15. Hmm,

    Theatre troops Bdes with no signal sqaudrons (9)

    * 1 Reconnaissance Brigade
    * 1 Artillery Brigade
    * 7 Air Defence Brigade
    * 8 Force Engineer Brigade
    * 12 (Air Support) Engineer Brigade
    * 29 (Corps Support) Engineer Brigade
    * 104 Logistic Support Brigade (PJHQ)
    * 1 Military Intelligence Brigade
    * 2 Medical Brigade

    Number of Signal Sqns in 12 Sig Grp (9), all of the above used to contain hq's supported by 11 Sig Bde (TA Ptarmigan SAS/MC & Euromux), e.g. 2 Med Bde (York) used to be ARRC Med Group (who's Ptarmigan Dets were based in Hull) 2+2=5.