Signals Post-Basic Training

Hiya just wondering what happens with the room checks once you get past Phase 1? Do they still do them in trade training and once posted to unit?

Edit - How often are they done?
So then whats the deal with the annual 6 week leave? Is it easy to take weeks off or are you having to scrap with others for dates?
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She was only a telegraphers daughter .... but she didit.. didit.. didit..


I'll get my coat.
Good one :)
Excellent :)
Leave and bullnights eh!

Wow! After i'd completed basic training all i wanted to know was.... do i get to drive a tank, could i throw grenades in the NAAFI and would i be able to bayonet stuff on a regular basis.

Try posting in the Signals forum bud where they will be better equipped to answer this question.
I'll be boring and give you a sensible answer!!

From what I remember from Blandford block inspections are generally carried out once every couple of weeks (more if your Tp SSgt is p1ssed off with you) with the obvious preceding bull nights. Inspections are usually on a Monday morning with re-inspections in the evening. Random block inspections were also carried out to ensure blocks are generally clean when an inspection is not planned. So keep it tidy.

All leave is block and is entirely dependant on the breaks in your course, you will have absoultly no choice when to take it unless you are in a holding troop for a few weeks and have some spare. You need to watch this though, because if you use too much and then there is a course break you will find yourself on duty while the rest of your course go on leave.

Enjoy Blandford - it's a dump but the surrounding area is quite nice

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