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Afternoon all,

Looking for a bit of advice/help if I may. I've spent the past 11 yrs or so serving in the RAC but I'm now looking for a slight career shift/change of scenery.

During my time in the RAC I've spent most of it in the QM/MT side of life, which is something I quite enjoy and dare say I'm good at. I've gained various quals, RSIs, GS Instructor, Skill at Arms Instructor, All Arms Storeman, Hazmat Instructor, MT Jr Management & accounting but to name a few. I'm currently a substantive full screw.

After looking at the OAVL I've narrowed down my options to either Supply Chain Operative (CLS in old money) in the Royal Signals or Driver Communication Specialist in the RLC. From what little I know or what I can gather they both seem to be very similar, if not the same, roles. Only difference is the capbadge. If I am wrong then please by all means ignore my ignorance and put me in my place.

Suppose I am asking for a little 'insider knowledge' of which one to go for/choose. What, if anything, is the difference, career prospects, money etc.

Any help would be greatly apprenticed.

(I've also posted this in the Signals forum bit too)

Thanks All,



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