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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by acheekymonkeyuk, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. I have decided to get finger out and join the TA, but not to sure which unit to join.

    I ideally would like the chance of being deployed and wondering what unit i would have a better change in doing so

    East Kilbride 52 (Lowland) Signal Squadron, 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment (Royal Corps of Signals)

    Carmyle 221 Transport Squadron, The Scottish Transport Regiment (Royal Logistics Corps)

    125 (Ration) Squadron, The Scottish Transport Regiment (Royal Logistics Corps)

    These are my choice, there is a local infantry unit but would like to get something to take back to civvy street
  2. Have you gone to see the units yet? If not do that first and ask them any questions. You should be able to do a tour with any unit you join.
  3. Dont rule out the infantry without investigating it. Scots are apparently a good outfit with lots of opportunities and infantry soldiering gives you plenty of transferable skills anyway. Ive met the guys from transport in Carmyle and they were a great bunch with plenty of opportunities to go away. Good luck.
  4. Loggies all the way!! Ive heard 'bad things' about 221 though, from people who've been in then transferred elsewhere. Does it have to specifially be a signals or logistics unit you join? You can join other units as either, most units have spaces for RLC drivers for instance. Not sure about signals but who wants to be a signaller. As far as im aware RLC have taken over a large portion of radio work on ops anyway and theres a very good chance you could get deployed as a loggie.
  5. Not got mind set on any unit yet, just putting feelers out there, im close to a few units so just gotta decide. Hear that signals work is getting more done "in house" as you were, with units doing own radio work
  6. As a totally impartial observer who has worked with both, I would recommend the RLC. They have a far wider range of trades and consequent training oppurtunities.

    Signals are OK but very single focus.
  7. I wouldn't go Signals nowadays. Most TA Signals are 'UK Ops' orientated, meaning you won't get to train on the comms system that you would use in Theatre (Afghan).

    I would really contemplate Inf. There are much much much more tour opportunities as you can mobilise with your Battalion, and if you want to do an RLC job or a Signals job, both are available in the Bn (there will be a signals platoon who are Inf capbadged, and RLC trades such as chefs and drivers within the Coys)
  8. as you get paid for travel what about:

    Motherwell TA Centre, Muir Street, Motherwell, ML1 1BN

    C Company Assault Pioneer Platoon, 52nd Lowland, 6th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland - Infantry


    Finniston TA Centre, New Pearson Hall, 63 Houldsworth St, Finniston, G3 8ED

    15 Company Headquarters, The Parachute Regiment - Infantry


    Anzio Lines, 63 Hawkhead Road, Paisley, PA1 3NE

    102 (Clyde) Field Squadron (Air Support), 71 Engineer Regiment (V) - Royal Engineers


    Glasgow TA Centre, 369 Crow Road, Glasgow, G11 7DG

    207 (City of Glasgow) Battery Headquarters and C Troop, 105th Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers) - Royal Artillery


    Walcheren Barracks, 122 Hotspur Street, Maryhill, Glasgow, G20 8LQ

    Headquarters & C Company, 52nd Lowland, 6th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland - Infantry
  9. 52 Signal squadron is now 51 Signal squadron.

    They use Tetra equipment. so if you can get in as a sys eng or similar, you won't be short of civi work.

    Ambulance, fire brigade and police use Airwave tetra kit.
  10. Provided that you get on and pass the courses
  11. Well, obviously if you are thick as two short planks, join the RLC/Infantry

    Using different kit from that in theatre will not hinder your ability to deploy on operations.
  12. Yep - Royal Signals or Real Signals (Infantry Signaller)
  13. The entire TA Signals has to use Airwave Tetra

    That's what the whole 'UK Ops' fiasco is all about.

    Unfortunately, the Airwave sets issued to the TA are the ones that have been used by the police and are no longer wanted. The batteries seldom last longer than 10 minutes, and you have to rig up a car battery to the charger to get any kind of activity from it.
  14. No it won't, but it will hinder your ability to deploy on operations as a Signaller!

    The only lads from our Regt who got on tour doing anything other than stagging Bastion were the ones who went on CIC then deployed as infanteers.

    Why the fcuk would a regular signal regiment want to deploy with a bunch of guys whos only Signals experience was on Tetra (an expensive walkie talkie and a cheap mobile phone all in one package) and Clansman (an obsolete radio with no real similarities to BOWMAN)? Answer: Because they're fcuking mental and desperate. That's the only feasable possibility.

    I know a couple of guys who got on Telic to operate Brent but it seems they just got lucky. It's not a systematic thing. In my time in the TA Signals I never once heard a PSI come out and say 'does anyone want to go on tour, such and such is on offer'. In the same amount of time in the TA Inf, I heard that almost every night. I think that speaks for itself...
  15. Thanks alot for info guys, looks like i will be going to RLC,