"Signals Is Gash"

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PTS265, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. To all other ARRSE'rs,

    Just thought you may like to read a loving PM I have sent this "challenged" individual.

    TO: signals_is_gash

    Just looked at your avatar.

    Is that really the best you can come up with?

    Not content with being a dull, self contradicting cnut, you also found time to deface my capbadge and insult the regiment as a whole. Im in two minds at the moment, as to your mental capactity. Either you are a spacker of the highest award, with an IQ of a single digit and no real turnover in life, or a self satisfying, low retentive prick who has nothing better to do than complain about somthing that you chose to do yourself!

    Either way, Sort your f**king life out and wind your neck in you human question mark!

    Any additions, subractions or multiplications welcome.

  2. You ordered another Knob E - layer if you did he is early. You do attract them!!!
  3. Steady...chewing knobs... little to much information.
  4. Sorry for the rant, He is quite obviously a gigantic purple headed monster.

    Still, Must admire his skills, Thats a 1:1 scale mechanical drawing of himself I'd say, Small little man with tiny (drawn on) man meat.

    What a f'kin muppet!
  5. Yes, he is indeed a yoghurt flicking womb bat.
  6. Err,
    you're not in a Regiment mate, you're in a Corps. ;-)
  7. I would suggest you lot are probably being WAH'd!!

  8. Tit
  9. Ha ha have I touched a nerve there, listen there always was and there always will be someone blathering on about youth of today, my Dad says it (ex RM) my Grandpa said it (ex Merchant and Royal Navy) even he used to say that his dad said it about his generation.
    If someone needs to do a decade in the forces before you listen to them, then I truely feel sorry for you. So what I only did 6 years in the Royal Signals, I left due to a back injury playing rugby.
    Which generation are you from Tony Blair's, Margeret Thatchers or Oliver ******* Cronwells? They have all had something wrong with their generation and I know that there are people in my generation that will take this country forward. I agree that the Chavs ect of my generation are degrading the country but **** me its been happening since long before my generation and it will happen after my generation has left.
    Why, isn't it my generation that is changing your piss bag and reminding you what happened yesterday?
    I have upmost regard and respect for the generations that have gone before me, but I have genuine hope for the ones that will follow.
    Rant off, oh and you need some mouth wash because the shite you have been speaking between the slobbering has made your breath stink.

  10. Never heard of him!
  11. Disco,

    I know you got out with back injuries etc, but you should also know that once an old sweat reaches certain maturity (say half pension and beyond) regardless of rank , be they the oldest siggy in the corps at 18 years and no bananas or the crusty old fullscrew ( er my first det commander I think, now a wax work the corps museum....(only joking BP didnt mean it !)) or whatever, we automatically adopt ' this bloody generation' rights , its a way to let us moan about the YOOF like our old detties, sgts blah etc did. Don't take it to heart ffs, its ARRSE, not like effects your life or career you have out in the big bad world, and if you don't like it, do what you did in the job, just switch off mate, and let us crusty old gits get on with our moaning , cos we enjoy it ;)