Signals in WW2

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Have just finished 'signals service' by Priestley in WW1. Quite good, full of practical instruction for the new corps (oddly not dated in places - think a number of arrse topics are mentioned).

    Was a similar book done for WW2?

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  2. "The Royal Corps Of Signals, A History Of Its Antecedents And Development" by Major-General R F H Nalder, written in 1958.

    And there is also 'The vital link' which goes up to the late 80s I think (there may be another one of these that has been updated and comes in othte 21st century.
  3. There's also 'Through' which details the Corps story from before the Royal Engineers Signal companies. I stared a thread on that book earlier this year to see if anyone else had seen it/had a copy.

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  4. There's also a very good website on the RA in WW2:-

    that has a lot on signals.
  5. Most secret war by r v Jones was one I rediscovered today, covers the british use of rf in ww2.

    On a similar vein English heritage AA Command. Mostly arty but sigs were heavily committed to this in ww2 (12+ regiments - not air formation)

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  6. Don't forget Wainright's "Essential cottaging for halfwits!"