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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Lyam, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. I am interested in joining the TA visited my local signals TA centre, asked questions etc, i am interested in learning new skills, obviously i dont expect to just walk in and get trained here there and everywhere. But if i stick it and show dedication and commitment, what relevant things can i learn in the TA signals?
  2. I'm no expert (not by a long shot) but I would think that everything you learn is relevant to the job or they wouldn't teach it? And if I've missunderstood the question then one of us is a total fucktard and I'm not giving out prizes for guessing which one :). To make things easier on you I'll just ask, what is it you want to know because what you have wrote makes as much sense as a chocolate fireplace? you said you want to know what "relevant" things you will learn, retevant to what? I.T and comms?( probably relevant) impersonating childrens t.v characters so you can lure them into you shed(probably irrelevant... Depends where you go really)

    If I've spelt anything wrong don't bother to tell me, I wrote it on the phone and can't be arsed to correct it.
  3. Thanks for the reply just what i was looking for, I dont expect to get trained staright away i guess i would like to see if the TA life is for me?
  4. I joined the 31st Signal regiment when i was 17, I had a brilliant time and then went on to serve in The French Army and a few others. after all that I carried the thread along and did a few courses in I.T. at Uni, all as a result of the Sigs. Go for it , if you like it go regular and basically enjoy yourself.

    Did basic training at Helles <sp?> {11 Sigs } Barracks in Catterick, that was an eye opener for a youngster but a good few weeks of basic army life and a good intro into what would be a ten year stint of the military.

    Have a go, gawd knows where it will take you and if you look at my profile there is a picture of where it took me in the eighties.

    Great life, lots of nice girls and a good time.

    Mad not to in my opinion.
  5. Beirut with an AA-52?

    I'd agree with Bloakey on joining R Sigs TA and I also did Helles 11 Sigs at Catterick in '81