Signals Familiarisation visit

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Whomps, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Hey!

    Just thought I'd post and say that I got through the interview and have my briefing dates for Feb.

    Decided that January might be a bit to soon, it's mainly maths that is the issue, I haven't touched it since secondary school so want some time to practice.

    I said that Signals is the corps I really want to join and my ACA said he would recommend me to go on for a familiarisation visit. Just wondered if anyone else has been on one to Blandford Forum before and what it was like?

    Also is anyone else doing their briefing in early Feb?


  2. Is maths really the main issue?
  3. Yes I have been, it was short (24 hours essentially) but very good. Got a good insight into life as a YO as the Trp Commander course was running while I was there (the course you will do once you leave Sandhurst) and also get to meet the soldiers and see the kit.

    Get in contact with the SORLS team and get down there. Courses run once a month ish.
  4. Thanks! Think my ACA is sorting it for me so I'll get a date soon-ish I hope!

    Well physical training is something that I know I can do but maths I haven't touched in many years and it frightens me quite a bit, otherwise yep reckon the rest isn't too scary but I guess we'll see!
  5. I haven't touched Maths since I was 16 either and didn't have any problems at Briefing. Will see about MB!

    Don't build it up to be something that is too big. The AOSB process is tough, but designed to be approachable.
  6. Just do some speed, distance, time problems on the net that should sort you out!

    Good luck with The Signals, my grandad served with them :)