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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by connorjohnson, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. Hi Everyone
    I'm 17, 18 in September and I'm looking at joining the Signals as a Communications Systems Operator. As yet I haven't been near an AFCO, because my parents are decidedly anti-military and refuse to even entertain the idea of setting foot inside an AFCO, let alone allowing me to start the recruitment process earlier, which gives me more time to concentrate on fitness, so it's not all bad, I suppose. Anyway, I have a few questions:
    • What is day to day life as a Comms Sys Op like, what can I expect to be doing, on camp or on tour?
    • What standard of fitness should I aim for before I go on selection? xx;xx for 1.5 mile run, xx press ups in xx minutes etc would be most helpful, but any help is better than none
    • What is the shortest the application process could take, from the first time I go into the AFCO?
    If anyone is considering mentioning saying that anything about Communication Systems Operator exists on here, I have yet to find it, otherwise I'd be posting in there, not on here. I don't deliberately make a tool of myself! Oh and, I know I probably could ask the fitness question in a fitness sticky, but I'm asking 3 questions at the same time and it'd be a hell of a lot easier to ask all 3 in the same thread, rather than contend with 3 different threads worth of replies, not all of which are intended for me.
    Thanks in advance for your help:)
  2. Wake up, stand on parade. stand on parade a more. find some to hide and look busy. Oh and cheese on toast at naafi break.
    Then stand on parade some more.
    All depends on your unit and job role for tour. although if you haven't even been into training you'll proberly never see afghanistan. which lets face it is a good thing
    Hope thats helpful!
  3. Day to day work at camp will entirely depend on what unit you are serving with. You may find yourself doing mostly the same as other trades; weapon cleaning, sweeping/cleaning, PT, vehicle maintenance tasks etc or you may have a posting that allows you to perform your trade skills on a daily basis. On tour it can be a lottery, although you may find yourself employed using your trade skills, you also may not... eg. You may find yourself employed as a driver, force protection or even a tp storeman.

    You should aim to be as fit as you possibly can, this will make the PT at Phase One Training less arduous for you. Regardless of what standard you are at before joining, you will leave Phase One Training alot fitter. You certainly need to be able to run 1.5mile in 10.30mins or less, but aim for 09.30mins or less (this should be easily achievable for someone your age)

    I have no idea how long it takes to complete the recruitment process these days. I joined the army in '95 and if I recall correctly it took around 3 months.

    All the best.
  4. As an ex operator - dont do it!
  5. Thanks for that, it's helped a lot. I'm not currently doing any training, but I'm not particularly unfit, I ran a 1.5 in 11:15 about 3 weeks ago, just to see where I was at, so getting to 10:30 shouldn't be too difficult, and from getting from there to 9:30 shouldn't be either, can anyone recommend any postings? (preferably with a decent reason, "xxx because I'm in it" isn't really going to help me, let's be honest)
  6. as an operator, you're more likely to have a better posting (in my opinion anyway) at a Brigade Signal Squadron rather than a Regiment, Regiments are geared towards being Campaign Signal Regiments at the moment and alot of the jobs if not most of the jobs, are Technician/Engineer related, where I am for example due to the lack of Techs, operators are being loaded onto tech courses to fill the gap. Operators in a Bde Sig Sqn, however, are doing the Rear Link role attached to infantry battlegroups. How long this will continue I don't know as I've been hearing that will stop again at the end of the Herrick tours... perhaps someone on here more informed than me will be able to confirm or deny?

    Day to day stuff though, look forward to tents, camnets and sweeping the hangars
  7. Dont forget lots of painting trucks, regardless of what trade you are.
  8. No painting allowed anymore :(

    Munch Me
  9. Short term - RSISTs and probably RLDs will cease to exist post HERRICK.

    Medium term - Bde Sig Sqns will probably merge into Multi Role Bde Sig Regts and become the Close Sp Sig Sqns by 2020.

    Long Term - No one knows!
  10. RLDs will always exist as long as the BGs ask for them on major exercises etc BATUS, BATUK etc. Long term nobody knows until 2020 is released. From a reliable source Bde Sig Sqns will remain in their current format - one bit of the Corps that doesn't need fixing.

    Munch Me
  11. Short term - I'm gone!

    About the right time me thinks!!
  12. You get redundancy?

    Munch Me
  13. Firstly this is the Army Rumour Service so I would take a lot of what people say on this as tongue in cheek. They're a lot of piss takers and miserable old crustys' on here who like nothing more than to take the piss. (Myself included, but today I am having a moment of leniency).
    Secondly, check this link Joining The Army - British Army Website
    It'll give you pretty much everything you need for fitness, diet, training guides, etc. Don't worry about your parents, take the plunge, because if you don't like it you can always leave. I'm sure that when you pass out of training, having turned from "Their little boy" to a trained soldier, your parents will be as proud as ****. They may still not like it, but they'll back you in the end. Get stuck in now, cos September will be here before you know it, Good luck
  14. Oh and start the process now, on the sly, and when you do turn 18 you can sign your paperwork yourself
  15. No mate, well past that.

    Natural wastage ;-)