signals call signs and number denominations

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jimmyoc, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, does anyone have a full signals list of call signs, and denomination numbers ie call sign 83 or call sign Dogfish ect I have a pamplet from the school of infantry but it is not a full list just the basic ones, the call signs are from the period used during the Falklands war, as I am reading through a lot of radio communications that I have obtained from Duxford archive. any help would be greatly appreciated,
    bye for now jimmy
  2. What an absolutely sterling answer, witless ******* moron. Piss off and pack your kit you crow
  3. Hi, Thank you for that, but I have those call signs, I am after call signs like Dogfish and two letter call signs. CY / DN / DO / OB.
    and number call signs to make the transcript more understandable, and this type, 2 x D C/Signs on route to your location.
    and,, 2 x serial 52. if any sigs blokes understand what these are could they let me know please,
  4. Could these have been c/s that were specific to the task force and not used Army wide?

    Is this a radio log from a specific unit? They could be normal call signs but with the call sign indicator dropped.
  5. Must admit I'm curious myself. When I was in, it was drilled into us (yes, we were marched to lessons) that security was essential. As I remember there were things like Sunray, Sunray alpha, but giving specific units/sub-units distinct callsigns would have been a NO-NO!! For sure we didn't have things like "83" for a particular "cell". The more ambiguous callsigns were, the better - less for the intercept ops on "THE OTHER SIDE" to latch onto.

    Is it all so encrypted now that you could call somebody "Eric" and nobody would bive a sh1t?

    PS. Except for Eric, of course. But does he actually matter?
  6. Hi it was 3 Para, but I have just been contacted by a bloke ex 2 para at the time and he has some sigs stuff which he is sending to me, which may help, thanks to all,
    bye for now jimmy
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You need to get hold of a copy of Joint Service Voice Procedure, it had an amusing (at the time) annex with all the gay names the navy use...
  8. We weren't much better, with things like "Playtime" FFS!
  9. What are the dates of the logs? My old man was a company signeller with 3 PARA through 70's could ask him if he knows anything?
  10. 10th / 16th June 1982..