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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bibo_boy, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Question....?

    Wear / when / on what would a person wear the cross flags badge?
  2. If he was another Corps and a qualified Signals instructor
  3. Do they have to be an instructor??

    My misses was a signaller in the Royal Anglian's TA and she wore the flags but was not an instructor.
  4. When your a regimental Signal Instructor or so it used to be. RSigs doesn't wear them. In the Infantry you used to wear the left arm at the bottom if you'd done your class 2, right arm if you were class 1 (Regt Sigs Junior) and above tapes if your Regt Signals Det Comd (or the old Regt Sigs Instructor/new Regt Sigs Senior). Something similar exists for most of the other corps.

    Used to be same for mortar quals, numbers wore them on the left arm and those that had done the Warminster course wore them above tapes.

    I think I'm still qualified to wear both but I don't bother (as it make look a little waltish). The wearing of badges on lower arms doesn't now happen with C95/combats but should still be worn on Number 2's, jumpers etc
  5. In the infantry your det comanders taught you how to teach (although was called Regt Sigs Det Comd - now I think its called something else and the content may have changed), it was far more in depth than the BITS type courses, also contained quite a bit of management).

    We don't have an equivalent, its more like our Class 1/supervisor courses with orders and BITS added to it
  6. BB

    If you are asking if you can slp some flags up when you cross over to the Royal Regt then the answer is a big fat no

    My info is a little dated but in my time the RA did the following with the Crossed Flags

    Basic Sigs RA qual: Lower Left Arm on No 2's

    Adv Sig RA qual: Lower Right Arm on No 2's

    DC Sigs RA qual: Upper Right Arm on No 2's (above Stripes)

    Regt Instructor Sigs RA qual: Same as DC's except you could also wear them on your JHW if the CO(read RSM) allowed it

    Please note that all but a few DC's were also RI's as the course was combined but had two exams to pass, you had to have passed the DC's to progress to the RI's, it didn't work the other way round

    This of course is well out of date with all these new fangled quals they have in the Regt

    R Sigs and RA Sigs quals don't interchange at any level, I know this as I knew of at least 2 R Sigs transfers who had to start from scratch