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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mark1338, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. Greetings All,

    I was asked a random question yesterday and wondered if anyone knew the answer.
    Why and what reasons were the Signals Badge referred to as JIMMYS?
  2. Several theories, a common one being that it was named after a Corps boxer of the 20s, Jimmy Emblem.

    The badge was sometimes referred to as 'Jimmy on a rock cake'. You seldom hear that now.
  3. From Wiki:

    Cap badge

    The flag and cap badge feature Mercury (Latin: Mercurius), the winged messenger of the gods, who is referred to by members of the corps as "Jimmy". The origins of this nickname are unclear. According to one explanation, the badge is referred to as "Jimmy" because the image of Mercury was based on the late mediaeval bronze statue by the Italian sculptor Giambologna, and shortening over time reduced the name Giambologna to "Jimmy". The most widely accepted theory of where the name Jimmy comes from is a Royal Signals boxer, called Jimmy Emblem, who was the British Army Champion in 1924 and represented the Royal Corps of Signals from 1921 to 1924. It is one of the eight chalk hill figure military badges carved at Fovant, Wiltshire. It is the latest one to be made, as it was placed in 1970 following the Corp's 50th anniversary. The corps are also nicknamed 'Interflora's' due to close resemblance of the symbols.

    Never heard us called that although the odd japester has translated 'Certa Cito' as 'Say It With Flowers'...
  4. Does he still have the huge back plate everyone used to bin, lightest knock on the capbadge forced the backplate into your forehead

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  5. I always thought it was the two stick out studs on the badge that were the problem as opposed to the backplate...

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  6. It wasn't till the mid 80s that they introduced the second retaining point for the cap badge. Before then they'd snap every two minutes
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  7. I know what you mean, the number of times I had to replace mine when the cap badge caught on cam nets and the foot snapped off must have run close to forty or fifty. Do you happen to know why it was decided to go for a two piece badge, hardly the cleverest decision IMHO?
  8. Probably someone who's Jimmy badge was made of cloth and did not snap or stick into his forehead.
  9. I concur probably a general officer, a sensible design changed for a two piece complication...

    If they'd felt the Corps' motto was required surely it would have been easy enough to remove Royal Corps of Signals and put it there or even add it at the bottom?

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  10. I'm saying nowt. :)
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  11. Remember using the left dog collar in an emergency, sure the pin went through horizontally though?

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  12. Awesome, you lot can even turn a question about the origins of a name into a whinge fest ^~
  13. It's what we do......
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