Signals and bullsh*t

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by VANDAMME, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. I served for 25 years and most of my memories are of ridiculous bullshit

    OC's inspection
    CO's inspection
    RSM's parades
    Royal visits
    Post Ex turn around

    The only time you got off was in the field then you came back and started all over again..........has it changed any?

  2. I'm happy to say it's changed very little - although most of your inspections are called something different now.

    We also seem to be doing precious leaf clearing these days, pity - "sport of soldiers" and the mark of a trained killer...
  3. TBH No
    The Royal Signals still fancies itself as smarter than the guards, better at soldiering than the infanty and better at everything else than everyone else.

    I think that this is partly a problem because of 264 and the purple (oops! - white) helmets. Because of those august institutions, those outsiders believe themselves better than other corps - and thus have to try harder.

    In the words of a very wise REME officer "our Corps is like manure. Spread around it can do alot of good - but pile it all together, its just ends up being a lot of bullshit".
  4. Lets be honest, we are only the best at bullshit.

    However, I'll think you'll find the other Corps are just as bad as us.
  5. IMHO I think that we have moved away from the Bull*h*t in a huge way. HTB will back me up on this, there is no where near as much anymore. No RSMs parades or very few and I have to agree a little bit that we have bad PR. However I totally disagree with reference to 264 a very good advert for the Corps and bloody good at what they do. We are busy as a Corps so less bull**** factor across the board and the RSM's of today are more than aware for this.
  6. Most of the BS is legacy from the old days when we were not so busy. You have to keep the boys and girls employed and theres nothing like fatigues and litter picking with a spot of drill to stop them getting bored.

    These days your either on ops, training to be on ops or on recovery from ops so the good ideas club tend to be put on a back burner, however not everyone is so lucky :) All good stuff. Its not like you have anything else to do now is it?
  7. Used to have RSMs run 16.00hrs friday afternoon,played hell with the social life.
    Talking of leaf clearance,whilst attached to the 1st Batt Scots Guards I was a block NCO and one of our tasks was outside areas.Told the guys as nearly all the leaves had fallen give it a couple of days and we'd do it in one hit.Come mid morning summoned by the CSM who went into screaming mong mode.Chillout and get a life.
  8. i remember in Norway prior to a VIP visit having to sprinkle 'clean' snow over dirty snow round the camp because it looked untidy!
  9. "We also seem to be doing precious leaf clearing these days, pity - "sport of soldiers" and the mark of a trained killer... "

    Count yourself lucky that we have had mild winters for the past 15 years, cos we used to turn our attention to snow clearing when the leaf clearing season was over.......
  10. Ah, moaning.

    What makes the world of the Corps go around.
  11. As an ex-infanteer, guys are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think the Corps is full of bull more than any other Corps. The infantry is a nightmare, some Regts more than others. Lots of places still have the Company Orderly Sergeant in 2 dress all day, platoons march everywhere between the block and their hangars or wherever, if they're not marching they're stood at ease or doing block jobs. No wonder they go mental as soon as they're allowed out of camp. Go to any other "corps" units like RLC Regts and they love all that same stuff as ours does like Corps coloured metal plates on the doors, shiny brass shells outside the guardroom, corps capbadges adorning every bit of paper in the entire camp etc etc. Some capbadges seem to be quite relaxed like the Sappers, but the ones who feel guilty about being seen as remfs do seem to try a bit harder to be seen as "disciplined".
  12. You Sir, are a Bafoon..
  13. Check the Gunners out.

    Insane Bullshit.
  14. My bold.....just what is a REMF these days? Signals lads are now involved in the kinetic battle just as much as an Infantry soldier is in Helmand. As stated in my previous response BS has all but gone, there are some points that are inevitable in camp life. However at my last two units I can count on one hand the number of RSMs parades that have been conducted, the amount of area cleaning that is done and even stagging on as MPGS and MGS and even private securtity firms take over.

  15. Less bullshite? Mmmm maybe. However more bum lickers and box tickers have been added to the ranks which means the same old shite, different decade. And yes I am an optimist.