Signal training phase 2

I am in the process of transferring to Signals from Rlc Supply spec. What does phase 2 involve? I am ex reg and obviouly completed RRU and Bru courses and breezed them. Is it still using prc 351,350 and 349 radios???

Phase 2?

From your quals I'd say you have to start at the begining RRU means nothing to Signals (although if you were in my unit I'd sign you off for your pre class 3 requisite). If I guess which unit your joining you won't use any of the VHF kit, 2 NC Sig Bde units are mainly HF and Information Systems.


What unit are you looking at joining?
As polar said you would pass the pre requisite and have to attend a class 3 trade camp in the trade you require. Your previous quals would be looked at to see if there was anything that could be married over to your new trade.

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