Signal Regts Disbandment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by zero, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. :cry: I have heard that 31 Sig Regt (v) is facing disbandment on the 1st October and finally winding up of 31st March. Now this is a policy decision made almost secretly by the stupid Scot at no 10.
    Does anybody here know anything about this? Were there are consultations / reasons given? It is reversable? Has the MOD just got it in for non Labour voting parts of the Country?

  2. And you are?
  3. Mmm, which paper i wonder... Daily Hate?
  4. I am a former SNCO of said Regiment.
  5. Not a newspaper. Regimental Association.
  6. Just 4 posts since 2006 - you must have some sort of 'life' or something... weirdo.

    Well whatever, as i've said before, I'd be amazed if any of 2NC is spared. MACA my arrse.
  7. Been dissected to death in the TA and R Signals Forums since about March. Also has appeared in various arms of the media since that date, and finally various petitions were floating about expressing desires to save elements of 31, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 40 SRs.

    Is it reversable? Not a chance, wind downs and related aspects are already well along the way to completion.

    "Has the MOD just got it in for non Labour voting parts of the Country?" - No, Regts across the country are being disbanded, nothing to do with political boundaries, nor should it.
  8. Well I suggest you look at the numerous threads on the TA forum - where there are numerous threads on this.

    Bottom line - PR09 - No money, Army is broke. Long hard look has been taken to make savings and some units got the short straw. Its happened before, and its likely to happen again

    If your Regimental Association can come up with £10 Million, you might be in with a chance - please send it (within a plain brown envelope) to:

    B Ainsworth MP
    MoD Main Building

    Whilst you're at it - put a good word in for 12 Sig Gp, 36 and 40 Signal Regiments, The Black Watch, The Essex Regiment, etc
  9. 31 Signals RHQ was used as a voting station in the recent elections and I was told there that they were for disbandment.