Signal job roles help needed!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by army_uk1, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. HI GUYS,

    Im looking to join the TA and have spoke to the local unit and they have the following roles for me to choose.

    Systems Engineering Technician

    Information Communications Systems Operator

    Royal Signals Electrician

    so I would appreciate if anyone has experiance of these and can give me a few pointers on what they do (apart from the obvious)

    I am also going to start my training to get my fitness up to the required level starting tomorrow as i have alot of work to do so some advice there would'nt go amiss

    muchos grasias

    Dan :D
  2. What do you want to do?

    What do you do in civvie street? And do you want to do it for your "hobby" too?

    Even in the TA there is a lot of cross over between SET and IS Engr.
  3. I am currently a personal banking advisor/trainee bank manager

    I used to be in CCF so i really enjoyed that so yeah i would like to do it as a hobby.
  4. Muchas gracias, ffs!
  5. I meant your civvie job being done in a TA setting... as a hobby.

    No matter.

    If you fancy getting down and dirty and working lots with generators... possibly learning to drive. Then Electrician it is.

    If you want to get a bit geeky IS Op.

    If you want to get a bit geeky, and work with your hands, and be the mainstay of the unit.... SET it is.
  6. go for the tech pays the most ;o)
  7. NICE ONE i thought they all paid the same

    thats my mind made up
  8. Except for the info you've got is wrong, by the time you do your trade training most of the above trades will have changed.

    Tech should have become CS Eng - high pay band
    ICS Op - CS Op - also high pay band (so ignore the tech comments)
    Elec - ?? but reg trade is changing to a CS Sup role

    To be brutal, we only need (I)CS Ops and the odd electrician to nursemaid the generators. All these trades are new and will aim to provide soldiers to go on foreign ops not UK ones.

  9. sorry to be a bit of a thick S**t but what are all the codes and also what is meant by high pay grade

  10. sorry to be a bit of a thick S**t but what are all the codes and also what is meant by high pay grade
  11. Codes and high pay explained:

    Tech: Technician. Looks after the equipment. Soon to become Communications Systems Engineer
    ICSOp: Information Communications Systems Operator. Operates the communications systems (radios etc). Soon to become that without the Information. (sounds about right!)
    Electrician: Looks after generators and power systems. Again, Communications Systems Support.

    Higher Grade Pay: Get paid more than somebody of the same rank in a Lower Pay Grade job.

    What Squadron are you looking at? I can tell you what systems they're running and whether you want to be an Op or not ;)
  12. Information Communication Systems Operator. Is this what used to be called in my day a Radio Op? If so, it was a much more succinct title if you don't mind me saying so. :wink:
  13. Fella,

    The trades have changed although you will find that the guys still slot into their legacy job roles i.e. IS Engrs do computer geekiness and Sys Engr Techs still tech a wee bit.

    As you may have figured both these trades have combined into one call CS Engr not entirely clear why the TA have nt changed the titles yet?

    If they have and the paperwork says any different then they are being a bit sloppy.
    As for which is best well I would stick with CS Engr as that is the future and that is what you will get taught at Phase 2 in Blandford.
    The combined trade is essentially the a watered down version of both with you doing not quite as much geekiness and not a great deal of wiggly amps.
    Hope this helps
  14. Fella? :roll:

    Re trades.....

    The TA have long had a slight difference in trades to their Regular counterparts, if this works better for them then so beit.

    According to the mod site, the following trades are available....

    More here