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Well, if anyone's looking for a hobby, they could sign up to build generation 1 of the Starship Enterprise. The originators of the website say we could build enough of a spaceship with current technology that we could get to Mars with a reasonable degree of comfort. Obviously warp drives are out of the question, but we could build a giant centrifuge to generate artificial gravity, etc.


This website proposes something truly inspiring. It is this: We have the technological reach to build the first generation of the spaceship known as the USS Enterprise – so let’s do it. The ship can be similar in size and will have the same look as the USS Enterprise that we know from the Star Trek science fiction. It ends up that this ship configuration is quite functional. This first generation Enterprise can have 1g artificial gravity and ample living space. It can be as comfortable to live in as being on earth.

A thousand people can be on board at once – either as crew members or as adventurous visitors. While the ship will not travel at warp speed, it can travel at a constant acceleration such that the ship can easily get to key points of interest in our solar system.

The Enterprise would be three things in one: a spaceship, a space station, and a spaceport. Finally we will have a permanent and viable foothold in space – a sustainable, roving village out in the heavens. Building the Enterprise will provide a giant leap forward for the human race when it comes to the task of establishing a permanent infrastructure in space, on the moon, and on Mars – an infrastructure needed to pull us farther out into space, the place we are surely destined to explore and live.
Of course it's got some nice toys as well.

100MW Laser | BuildTheEnterprise

The Gen1 Enterprise will include a powerful laser mounted in or near the dome located at the bottom center of the saucer hull. The laser light output power goal is 100MW, and this can be sustained for at least one minute. This will be the most powerful laser ever built that can achieve a sustained output.

While the laser output power is 100MW, considerably more electrical power is needed to energize the laser. Assuming the laser conversion efficiency is 10%, 1GWe must be input to the laser to energize it (where GWe stands for Giga Watt electrical power).

The laser will be powered by electricity generated by the main 1.5GWe nuclear reactor. When the laser is on at full power, the main engine must be shut down since there is not enough electrical power generated by the main reactor to power both the laser and the main engine.
So who's signing up?

Interested but i would need to home for tea.
Possibly, I'm a dab hand with black nasty, a pop riveter and making gaskets from brown paper. But I don't want to be on the away team as the lowest rank/unknown always gets vapourised by some alien with an arse for a face.
Sounds fun... All this flying round Uranus, looking for Klingons.
Does it have that room where they have to rub alcohol gel over T'pol....

Just asking.
I'm in. Flying round space in a home-made spaceship, with a home-made nucular power plant - what could possibly go wrong?

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Scotty seems to have been sent on reconnaissance duties - his ashes are currently in orbit.

Bagsee I work for security - I'm sure the 'nude scanner' they bang on about for airports can be improved so it presents genuine nude images of any females coming aboard. It'll take careful study to make sure they're not carrying concealed weapons...


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