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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Chris4564, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. After 6 years out of the R Sigs I find I'm missing some of the things I left behind (god bless those rose tinted specs :p )and was thinking of trying to join my local TA unit. My problem is that when I left my knees had the usual knocks/surgery/lifetime supply of ibuprofen, I have since been awarded a low (7-14%) disability pension which is basically a one off payment with review after six years. I can control the pain easilly enough with a nice supply of prescription Pain Killers but wandered if the pension precluded me signing up, does anyone know if this is the case or are the two things completely seperate as long as I can pass my BFT/CFT?
  2. The TA is the same as the regs except it’s on a part time basis (que the piss taking from the regs :D ).
    Rule of thumb is if you can’t sign back onto the regs then you probably wont be able to join the TA.
    Saying that you’d be better off asking your local unit, they may try and bend the rules for you.
  3. ..don't tell them.

    The medical's a tick box and they don't test your ability to run. If you can do the CFT, then why worry? You can be an enabler!
  4. Thanks, for the suggestions, probably time to give myself a kick *********** loose some of the 2-3 stone i've put on and pop down and speak to my local TA Unit to see what the score is! (I'm sure I could pass a CFT fat as I am at the min ;) )