Sign this girl up as a weather forecaster - NOW!!!

If she's been Mayor of New Orleans, Governor of Louisiana, or in the White House, US history could have been much different!

Award for tsunami warning pupil

A schoolgirl who raised the alarm to save about 100 tourists from the 26 December tsunami is being honoured.

Tilly Smith, 11, spotted key signs in the sea in Phuket, Thailand, that she remembered from a geography lesson two weeks earlier.

The Oxshott, Surrey, girl persuaded her parents, sister, 7, and tourists to flee the beach and their hotel.

When the tsunami hit their beach, no-one was killed. She is receiving an honour from the Marine Society.

It is the UK's largest maritime charity and encourages young people to consider a career with the sea services.

The tsunami killed at least 200,000 people in 13 countries.

Tilly has praised her geography teacher Andrew Kearney, who showed her class at Danes Hill Prep School a video of a tsunami in Hawaii.

She told the BBC: "I noticed that when we went down to the sea the sea was all frothy like on the top of a beer. It was bubbling."

"I was having visions from the Hawaiian videos that I had seen two weeks before."

Her parents did not initially believe her warning and she became hysterical.

She receives the Thomas Gray Special Award from Second Sea Lord, Vice-Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent on Friday.
Taking notes
So, if the sea is bubbling off Torquay, it could be a tsunami warning, or bloody tourists with flatulence :)

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