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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by semicav, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. There is now an e-petition on the Number 10 web site. It's worth signing it to make the point, especially if we can get some decent numbers.

    Its a pity that the petitioner has signed as a Lib Dem candidate, as the party political ref may put some people off, but nonetheless please sign! It is worth getting across that people DO care about the future of the TA, and it might encourage the opposition parties to make some firm commitments.

    Click here to sign the petition
  2. For fcuks sake! You've still got a future. You're not getting binned.
  3. Jesus tonight give it a fcuking rest you would think they had just decided to merge our Army with 2nd Bn the Slovak engineers.
  4. It won't make any difference. The MOD is not going to go back and change the plan, and funding is zero for a range of activities. What about the cuts the service schools are taking? Or the regular accomodation in Germany which isn't going to be upgraded? Or the ACF/CCF instructors who aren't going to get T&S?

    There will certainly be protests from a range of people and indeed one ex-inspector for the TA has already commented to the Times today, these are the sort of actions and their respective like from Regt Honourary Colonels which will be made. Petitions are not for the us to make or to sign, I recall there was one submitted for the regiments in 12 Signal Gp, did it make any difference? No. Is it approriate that an element of the armed forces make a public protest? No.

    If you are serious about the TA then stick around, maintain active links with your unit, rock in, stay fit, do everything that the nayer sayers, troils and oxygen thieves on here say we can't do. And next year at the general election make your vote count, but a petition, no thanks. :roll:
  6. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

  7. Not following, which came first the money or the service? I know why I signed up does everyone else?

    And if I hear another whinger saying they aren't doing poppy parade if they ain't getting paid go to the drinks machine get a can of 'toughen the f**k up' then drop kit at stores grow 6", right turn and f**k off out of our lives.
  8. Be nice though wouldn't it you boring fcukers
  9. I shall not be signing this petition and I urge everyone else not to sign it because it WON'T WORK. We are all suitably outraged about the slashing of TA training. However, bleating about it won't work - the threads like "How to keep in touch" are more useful than a slack handful of increasingly dull attempts to a) reverse the cuts b) clamour at our fate c) bait the TA d) laugh about the number of threads.

    But then, perhaps now there's no training and all we've got left to do is type on ARRSe eh? ;)
  10. Where did someone say that then????????
  11. because its a good idea - Turn up in a fcuking suit and stand where you normally have it. Lets see how many people find it funny turning out to watch "a Parade" to see only a Padre and some VIP's standing there.

    You're still paying your respects and your putting one up to Gordonski at the same time.

    I'm not even in and I thinks a good plan!
  12. On one of the 376 threads dealing with the sort of stand down. Somewhere.
  13. Of course Gordon Brown doesn't give a flying f*** what anyone thinks about the TA. If he did he wouldn't have allowed numbers to be pushed down to 19K.

    HOWEVER the Tories have an election to win, which certainly isn't in the bag, and they are trying to get out every voter they possibly can. If THEY see a large number of signatories on a petition like this (it's not ideal wording, but you can't have another one running at the same time), they then have an incentive to do something NOW.

    A commitment from them serves two purposes:

    a) it commits them to improving things if and when they get into power
    b) it gives some hope to those currently in the TA that things will improve and therefore it worth sticking with it and not jacking it in now.

    SO - those who want the TA to survive SIGN UP, those who don't P-off and start your own petition to close it down and put us all out of our misery. :D

  14. Well you can F@ck off then..i will turn up in my number 2's and medals and so will my Jocks....Grow up you C@nts....there is a fu@ckin war on......
    There is no MONEY !!!!

    FFS. :x

    for years we tried to be part of the Army, and now its needs you to man up a little...well all you F@ckin do is whine....

    if you want to train....Chillwell...thats my path !!!!
  15. Well said that man.

    It's done nothing will change that, we just have to get on with it.

    All the whinging an moaning is starting to grip my shite As Swampster says man up.