Sign out the keys...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by roguetrooper1981, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. rogue,park the bus.If the little scrote is caught,what's the worst that will happen? Slapped wrist? 20 hours community service?
  2. ooooh, no slapped wrists thease days, having their wrist slapped might mentally harm the little darling, i mean, god forbid!
  3. 4 months jail time I believe.
    I'm sure the radio said today that he had been caught, up infront of the magistrates and sentenced this morning.
    Unless it was another thieving cunt from Bristol?
  4. Afraid not, can't even give the dirty little scrote a Chinese burn..sigh. =(
  5. Divide by two for "good behaviour" ?
  6. Better still,run the twat over with the outrage bus and over and over and over,you get the message.
  7. Good behaviour! There in fcuking jail because they broke the law, why the hell can they be released early for being good?
  8. When you've got to eat you've got to eat. It's natures law, all the young and the quick benefit from the iniquity of the old and them that dribble gravy.
  9. as a peace loving person i dont condone violence,,,,,, however, hang the scrote high on prime time tv, let the other misfits off life see what will happen. rite iam off to electrocute some pedo's, after rubbing quick lime on them..................................
  10. I'd say you're right, a better carrot would be that if they behave impeccably, they serve the sentence handed down and are released. Should they display the slightest bad behaviour, they get the sentence doubled, ad fucking infinitum.