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Discussion in 'REME' started by dangerous, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. How does trade training affect when you can sign off. Ive heard a few diffent answers. some say I have to do 3 years after trade training and some say 4 years.
  2. First of all depends on what trade you are, and if you've just done basic trade training or class 1. Depends also what engage ment you signed. usually 4yrs 3 months, from your 18 birthday but you can put in notice to leave a year before your 4yr 3 month point.
  3. Ask your boss or clerk to find out what your 'commited date' is. You can sign off 12 months prior to this date.
  4. Hey Dangerous, just out of interest, are you currently serving? (isn't clear) If you are serving, why are you thinking of leaving? If you're not serving and are considering the forces as a career I have to say that your attitude may be suspect. I'm interested in hearing about your current situation :)
  5. Dangerous, me too. Signing off is a possibility, but have you consider either re-trading or re-badging? Unless of course you have found the dream job paying 50K pa, company car and free house and pension scheme, in which case, fill yer boots!
  6. Hi yes i am currently serving

    The main reasons for me wanting to sign off is the dispruption to home life, time away, and just unhappy in genaral with army life.

    If im perfectly honnest the only reason i complited basic training and trade training was because i didnt want to apear a failiure.

    Dont get me wrong i have had some good times in the army but cant wait to get back to civvi street.
  7. Have a word with your mates and your bosses - they will more than likely help you out and give you some advice.

    Are you posted along way from home? You could put in a posting pref form to get closer to home - or furhter away, depending on your needs.

    Don't just think "it's got a bit hard/cr@p/boring/shiite - I'm off!"

    Only get out if: you've got something DEFFINATE to do instead - getting out without something to do will do your nut in - lack of money and mainly boredom will cause even more trouble for you and your family.

    Look before you leap - make sure you think before you act. You will get the same advice from your bosses - they are not trying to keep you in at all costs - they will want whats best for you - if you don't want to be there - they won't want you there.

    How long you been in?
  8. i always find the best way to avoid family problems is to be in a different country to your family.
  9. i can only agree with the other posts in saying look before u leap and dont just get out on a wim

    on the other note, i can understand why some people want to get out.

    i left after 14 yrs as a VM and as a SNCO, i now have a good job and dont regret it for a minute.

    life can be good on the outside but u need to plan it well. speak to your bosses, see if you can get the posting u want that may help your situation.

    if your a VM then maybe this isnt possible due the fact there is a grade one chopper in charge of the manning for VM's there!! (can u tell one of my reasons for leavin!!)

    do not leave with debts up to your eyeballs! be prepared to take a paycut from your current salary. u will be lucky to walk into a job paying the same or more.

    hope this has been of some use.
  10. Personally, I think that a Soldier with such bad spelling skills shouldn't sign off:

    1. He'll probably misspell and sign on for life

    2. When he fills in Civvy job applications he won't even get an interview

    3. With spelling like that he will be a Tiffy in no time !

    Dispruption - Disruption
    Genaral - General
    Complited - Completed
    Honnest - Honest
    Apear - ( is a fruit ! ) - Appear
    Failiure - (ha ha ha ) - Failure
    Civvi - Civvy ( Strictly speaking )

    Fcuk me - are they not teaching English at school nowadays ? - a while since I've been there to be fair but C'mon !!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes, petty but trust me - when you see guys filling in EFR's with spelling like this and it isn't corrected by Snco's - it makes the entire unit look like Cnuts.

    Anyhoo Dangerous, why don't you find a nice job in a different Corps and try a second career rather than throwing in the towel - just think of that lovely pension - £1000 a month ( average ) at 40 ish before you even get out of bed ( and a lovely commutation of 40 - 50k too !! )


    24C - Real men don't wear Chobham
  11. You could always go Mil Clerk hahahahahahaha :eek:)

  12. The spelling mistakes were suposed to be a subbliminal(please correct) clue to my trade.
  13. Pr!ck
  14. Who says that Tiffies have no sense of Humour lol
  15. T 71 least you've still got a trade! VE - bye bye! Yak Yak Yak!!!