... Sign off, three years in...

I've got loads of opportunities outside the service for work and housing, just a bit fed up of it and I think I can use my skills elsewhere outside of the army.

Just get on with it and leave if that's the case.

I left as a SSgt (in the post of WO and getting the pay of higher rank) with seven years left to go to my pension. My marriage had failed, my drinking was heavy, and I thought 'fvck it'. On reflection it was a big mistake to leave at that point pension wise, or maybe it wasn't? I've done okay in civvy street and there's plenty I like about it.

You're probably much younger than I was; so go for it. But at some stage you'll have to stick at something. Most jobs become boring after a while. I've a jumbo jet pilot mate I used to go running with sometimes. Pre-covid he was piss-bored with his flying regime.

From my own perspective, I'd rather be bored in a civilian occupation than a military one.
The other lots trade progression
They've been saying that for decades.
Well, it’s actually in progress now. So they’ve finally got people who are driving the change, instead of people who tick a box, look good for a bit and move on
To give you the gen from my behalf, I can confirm that I was atleast an assistant manager at a cosy Tesco Express somewhere in a pretty lazy town from 19 to 21! Where did it get me? No where, because they're wasn't enough hours and I was cuckoo'd into joining up! Initially was going to joined the sigs but the careers officer shifted me towards the RLC direction as "its basically the same thing as that".

I enjoy the bants as much as any other squaddie does, but I think my frustrations lay more towards me not understanding my job or how the army actually works (think bullshit baffles brains).

Anyway, may I also point out that we've steered a bit off-topic and that no one has confirmed whenever or not one can sign off at a three-year point.
Is you time barr is four years? If so you can sign off on the three year point
To get the UK passport it is the four year point


As someone who is currently doing quite well in Civvy street in IT I'd say you're better off sticking where you are at the moment. Lots of people I've seen In the IT industry doing well have suddenly been laid off or having their terms/working arrangements changed at huge detriment to their life and plans.

With the wider acceptance of people going into the office far less there's a much bigger risk of things being outsourced overseas over the next couple of years.

What you've got now is stability and opportunity, it might be a total pig to try and fight your way toward a retrade but if you can pull it off you'll get yourself another couple of years at least off the boredom and might find something you really enjoy.

If I had my chance again, or I was in your position, I know that would be the route I'd go.

Best of luck in what you do choose though.


Unless you have a cast iron walk in job waiting then don't leave until the climate improves regardless of whether you can sign off or not. I'm senior mgt in a tech heavy sector of construction & had to take a lower level role after being COVID binned following furlough. I'm now doing great with a tip top new role hopefully coming on stream soon but I know loads of junior & mid level IT specialists who are fcuked & having to drive delivery jobs just to get a wage in. I've got another cpl of senior level IT specialists who are niche (70k+ p.a. ) in high spec wifi procurement which should be job jobbed atm but are not able to find work despite the huge increase in data centre builds going on. Things are really bad in some sectors atm.
If you're currently in quarters, costs will go up hugely if you leave.

Being bored is one thing, being out of work & struggling is a whole different ball game. Bang in the courses requests, hassle the CoC for some answers, bang in a transfer req, do everything you can do to either improve your lot or improve your chances of transfer or promotion.
You're a young Private in the RLC who once worked in a minor job in a small Tesco. If you leave, your CV will put you right at the bottom of the list - no matter what field you get into, it'll be at the very bottom of the ladder.

I think you want to leave because your snake-with-tits doesn't like that she has to compete with the Army for your time. You are coming across pretty poorly here, if you are like this with your Chain of Command, they won't stop you from going.

If I were you, I'd ditch the ball and chain and throw myself into the army. Get your first stripe, and it'll be a game changer.

Or you could leave, get a dogshit job and when you're in the pub, you can be known as the bloke who couldn't hack it past Private in the Army. Until you aren't allowed to go to the pub any more because the ball and chain needs you at home to change nappies or some shit.

Your call.

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