Sign of the times? USA - girl suicides after internet hoax

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rockape34, Nov 28, 2007.

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  2. So he had the internet but no phone? I guess she didn't realise that you need a phone line for the internet :joker:
  3. Words really do fail me. It’s a simple fact that there are some truly twisted people on this planet but this one is above and beyond. Ok she made a fake website to find out why the two best friends fell out - typical nosey mother. But to then attempt to defend yourself with "oh she tried it before, it’s not my fault now" knowing full well how mentally fragile she was...

    Unfortunately this is a sign of the times, even though this is a rare incident it’s still a symptom. A lot will be said about how the internet is evil and all the usual for Channel 5 type reporting, but rightly so in terms of the legality of the crime. What will be overlooked (focusing on the "Internet pedos everywhere - check the pantry!" angle) is how can this person be apart of normal society and have the gall to walk down the street even before this all started. Then again, are we really that surprised that it can happen?
  4. Gawd struth. Yes it's sad for the relatives, but seriously how screwed up does a family have to be for a kid to top herself over a split with her 'boyfriend'? What's wrong with greetin' her eyes out until the next boy-band comes along?
  5. Natural selection at work.

    If she hadn't killed herself over this 'heartbreak' it would have been over the next one.

    The middle aged woman who perpetrated the hoax should sit in jail for a week or two though.
  6. Now THAT's just vandolism.
  7. I agree that the woman should do a stint in jail.

    The girl did indeed have a fragile mind and it may have only been a matter of time, but if the hoax had not gone ahead then would she be alive today.

    A court may never go for it but what I see is a girl who would be alive had it not been for the actions of another. Sounds like an offence to me.
  8. So what are you going to do? Retrospectively charge The Beatles for splitting up? What I see is a girl who couldn't face the harsh realities of life - it isn't always rosy and people aren't always what you want them to be. Even leaving aside the fakeness-of-boyfriend angle, she killed herself because she thought that preferable to living on with a (temporarily) broken heart. That's cruel, maybe, but the indifference of the Universe is a lesson that every child needs to learn from an early age to avoid this kind of thing happening.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I agree with what you are saying.

    But even I could not make up an offence for the Beatles splitting up. I'll have a go at it though.
  10. quote] That's cruel, maybe, but the indifference of the Universe is a lesson that every child needs to learn from an early age to avoid this kind of thing happening.[/quote]

    Surely, there's more of this due with the PC Brigade banning anything that they consider to be remotely dangerous. Life (as you say) isn't a bed of roses. You have to get hurt to learn.
  11. good job she didn't go on ARRSE i've seen a couple people get a right ear bashing and one was over a poppy LOL

    were has my belt gone?
  12. Bit harsh, old boy.

    If I was the father, I would strangle the middle-aged woman to death. With a belt.

    But that's just me! :twisted:
  13. Move along, nothing to see....just natural selection taking place....
  14. nope, maybe in the US, but certainly not over here.
    The woman deserves to be punished, she has done very wrong, regardless of wheather the girl was fragile to start with, why would anyone be so mean as to torment a young girl so.
  15. I think this is completely dreadful.

    I utterly abhor using words as verbs that aren't. She committed suicide - she didn't 'suicide'. Just like you can be obsessed - you don't 'obsess' etc etc