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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Funbags, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. On Sky channel 349 until midnight.

    Just watched some fat munter signing to Usher and she looks like an epiliptic trying to juggle mid fit. Now on is Plug from the Bash Street Kids all grown up and with ears like the FA Cup. The signing movements make him look a total spacca and with the fact he has the frontal silhouette of the FA Cup it's fcuking hilarious.

    Are deaf people really dancing along to this somewhere ?? .. Id pay to see it.
  2. Oh yes total class. We have some Music Channel playing on Freeview when we're on nights. It's one of the funniest things to watch on TV.

    I recommend people try to see this, brilliant stuff.
  3. Me too......might search that on Youtube :twisted: .....

    Edited to add:

    You get the fat munter but thats about it.....i'm gutted too. :)
  4. Me and mates on night shifts have been watching this comedy for weeks each morning from 0430hrs on Sky 351 / 352 / 353. We reckon it's Ann Widdecombe, Emperor Ming, The Black Widow and Wellpissedoffminger. 0500hrs is Pimp My Ride and then Aerobics Oz Style at 0600hrs. It makes the mornings go quicker. :clap:

    Try turning the sound off to get the authentic deaf effect and guess how the tune goes. :?

  5. Is this the one ?? ..

    Anne Widocombe is first and then the "Dinner Lady", Grown up Plug was on last night but its got to be a close run thing between him and the Widdecombe lookalike.

    Funnier after a few Beers though.
  6. Yip thats the video, quite funny
  7. Now that's a great idea. I'm on nights at the moment and as usual we'll have "The Hits" channel on the TV.

    I reckon a little competition will help pass the last hour or so.
  8. Good mornings Drag-Staggers,

    Page 351 / 352 / 353 now!!!!
  9. Yep, just watched some idiot signing to the Kings of Leon, Fat fcuker