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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fuggyred, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Authorise the award of a "Cold War Service Medal". This recognition is deserved and long overdue. The "Cold War" was not just an ideological struggle, it was a large-scale military campaign to prevent WW3.

    To consider authorising the design and award of a Cold War Service Medal. This recognition is deserved and long overdue. The "Cold War" was not just an ideological struggle, it was a large-scale military campaign to prevent a third world war through deterrence and military deployments. While many characterize the period 1945-1991 as "peacetime," except for limited wars and expeditions, this misses the point of the large, ongoing military operation that was in fact global. Many other expeditions also took place in the cold war context. In the larger context, our defence effort included troop deployments to check Soviet military threats, continuous nuclear-armed retaliatory capability in event of a Soviet attack, and reconnaissance of hostile territory and waters by air and sea. Air Defence sites provided a deterrent against Soviet attack of the United Kingdom, and were kept on a high state of alert
  2. as much as i like medals having a good time in the army in the cold war days hardley rates an iron cross....
  3. "The design of the medal to be a Maltese Cross, emblazoned with the crest of 100 legs akimbo German prostitutes, surmounted by a crossed currywurst and beer bottle motif. The ribbon to be a tricolour of brown, yellow and sickly yellow/brown, symbolising the mythical "Grand Slam"."

  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If they issued this one then it really would be a medal for standing in the NAAFI queue.
  5. you get a bar to it if you can prove you had a naafi pie...
  6. Fuck me, if thats the case then it might be the most convincing medal any Walt wears!

    "Does this gut look like I wasn't there?"
  7. Such a medal always exists


    The medal is inexpensive. You can buy it for $25.
  8. Do I get an oakleaf for being brave enough to buy the discounted Naafi JPS fags when no-one else had the balls too?
  9. Gets my vote. Another bit of decoration for remembarance parades.

    Not bad for 6 years worth (surely only time in Germany would count) of getting bladdered every Friday night happy hour and managing to make it back for Monday morning parades, just!
    Also for the Snow Queens, sports afternoons, patch painting, and cam net repairs that took weeks!! Not to mention the tax free fags, booze and cars.

    Geeze, how did we cope with a cookhouse with at least 6 choices of menu, the living accomodation that we had to share, and all the noise that came from the bar in the attic!

    My time was so hectic I didn't really make full use of the on camp cinematic facilities, free 'social' activities, full gymnasium setup and Anglo-German reationships. (The NAAFI bop was good enough for most!)

    It was hard, but we saw it through 'til the end!
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    True Sid - youngsters nowadays don't know how easy they have life. XD
  11. Don't forget getting at big fat wedge of LOA, cheap petrol, cheap smokes, cheap was a killer. Would a 2 week 1 BR corps Ex count? Walts will have a field day :p
  12. That would cost more than the 2012 Olympics to implement!

    What about Gold ones for those who served "Beyond the Front Line" and cardboard ones for those in Emblem, Mons etc? Anywhere between the IGB and the Rhine would get Silver
  13. WTF? Double tapped... Sorry!
  14. Yeah, and what about one for the COD WAR?
  15. Nice to see a refreshing attitude to this .The yanks think they deserve this as they were on the front line .Even if that was in a misslie silo .
    Maybe if you were doing something dodgy like supposedly what are submarines were up to ,but, just being in germany for most of the time
    does it deserve a medal ?